Here I am, talking about myself and realizing that there is still lot to rediscover within myself. Well I am human, 100% Homo Sepian, a city dweller from 21st Century A.C. relying on these more fragile and temporary storage devices, based on electricity and magnetic properties. Guyz I do work on technologies, but not really a techie at heart. What I love is the cool breeze, chirping birds, giggles of little ones and all that is natural and beautiful. So when my mind starts yelling, I look out to run away from my, so called home in the City to find some peace, tranquility, beauty and harmony. By this time you would have figured out that I am a Piscean.

So here is this window from word press, that I use to share, connect and communicate. This is my notepad where I scribble that pops out of my mind and paint the pictures that take away my heart. I am not a poet and not even a painter. But I try and play around with words, to express every emotion I feel and every experience that I gather as I keep rediscovering people, relations, nature, journey’s and the life as a whole. I look at life as a long journey and every moment that you spend in this journey to connect with people and sharing thoughts, helping each other, makes your final destination much satisfying and rewarding. Please reach me at darshanvartak@gmail.com , as I would be really happy to hear from you.

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