Atlantic City

Our trip to Atlantic city was memorable in all sense.  Its actually a 2 hours journey by car (arround 100 miles from Piscataway). Suresh had rented a Wolsvagon Jetta and we were very excited about the car. Coz the enterprise dealer told us that the car had just come down from Geramany two weeks back and not even been driven 100 miles 🙂
The jouney started quite nicely with gr8 weather. After leaving I-287  we took up I-95 which took us all the way down to new jersey south, parallel to the eastern coast. The whole of New Jesey seemed to be travelling down to City, which is all the time turned on. There was a slight confusion at the entrace and we travelled all the way back to city entrance and again back to the city.
Finally we found our way to the boardwalk, after passing the avenues named after different states. Boardwalk is right at the right turn of New Jersey Avenue. This was first time that we were enjoying the sandy sea shore in US. A board walk is nothing but a wooden, walk way created across the sea shore , just like we have jettys in India. But we cudn’t  help but get little closer to the sea and get ourselves wet with the salty waves of the altantic ocean.
As the sun started setting, the casino lovers started pouring in and then two casino’s close to the boardwalk started  glimming with lights and buzzing with people walking in.  We stepped into house of blue and the ambience seems to be peculiar. Till now had seen the casinos in Hollywood movies, but now there it was in front of our eyes, the slot machines called poker machines. Many of them at these machines trying their luck for a jackpot.
It was amazing to see the love, lust, addiction of those people out there. All dressed to enjoy, few ametuer’s like us to get just the feel of, this game of luck. Few one timers to try their luck at least once. We were actually  stopped by a secutrity personnel, while stepping into one of the gaming areas and asked for a ID for age proof. Three of us in fact were merried and having their wives along, but we failed to convince him that we are above 21 :-).   Finally we decided to quite and went back to our cars where we had the mouth watering mango pickle rice. Everyone was hungry and the stock was over in no time.
Shortly it started getting cold a little and  even the weather became windy, with signs of rain. Suddenly Kalyani started complainign about breathing problem and in couple of minutes she had bad time catching her breath and we were helplessly trying to get hot water and some help from casino guyz. Finally we decided to get her into car and put on the heater. Slowly and steadily she was ok and could have some coffee.
By this time it was raining heavily.I could capture few events from the funfair that attracted kids and families with the kind of games that we see in fairs in India.  All of them had attractive gifts and were typically of the  king shoot the baloons, put the right , blow the teddy etc. Kids were having good fun with mary go round, Giant wheel  kinda rides and place looked quite crouded.  People seemed to have come from long distances and all having good time in the City.
Next to House of blues was the royal and attactive The Taj Mahal Casino. It had its own ambience and beauty. The architect has tried to put the contemporary Taj looks to the casino with the combination of glimmering lights. The fire works happened to be a great flop show as there weren’t any.
We drove back with the heater on for Kalyani. The return journey happened to be the most eventful and pretty long. We had to pull down on shouler at one place just to clean the front glass from inside as the rain outside had contributed to lot of moisture on the glass as we had the heater on. That was when a policeman enquired, if everytihing is well. But the second  instance, we were followed by the police and he gave a warning not to speed up and weav across the road. Since we were drving with Indian Licese, we were quite tense, but then it turned out to be a warnign rather than a ticket and we could catch our breath.
We in fact touchbased all the major highways and went through all the major Cities on the way. Probably becuase the Rajshekhar’s Tomtom has taken in some wrong directions for the destination.We retuned home at almost 2:30 at night.

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