I really didn’t believe initially, that lucky star operates, buses between New York and Boston for just 15 dollars. So propbably for a backpacker like me it came out to be a very good option. But probably with family and kids you know, it can become little too boring and kids might start irritating after a while.
One thing I don’t really understand abt these Amercians is, when do they actaully talk. I have never seen them talking much any time. In offices they work so sincerely from morning to eveing (something we shud learn) that hardly seem to be talking with anybody. But now in bus, as soon as they get in, everyone takes out his/her Ipod and  puts earplugs into their ears, offcourse after saying the magic line "Hi,  How you Doing !! ". Its so mechanical, I mean, com’on, you can’t keep looking out of window and listening to same old songs you have heard hundreds of times. Neways these people are just hard to talk and  it really bored me a lot.
It was really nice to meet Amol almost after 5 years. In fact after leaving schoolnet we had never met. Amol is as enthusiastic as usual and makes the same faces (I don’t know wat to call these faces) that he used to do in schoolnet days.
US seems to be a meeting place for lotsa old buddies, especially  those in softwares. Earlier I met Pranit and Hemant who were with me in Bahrain Citibank. In fact Pranit shares with me a longer link as he met me in schoolnet where he worked as a outsourced resource from a company webresource and then we again met in Bahrain, working under the same company infrasoft for Citi Bahrain.
Arjun’s bithday party was awesome and I enjoyed every bit of it. Most important to mention was the food prepared by Vanashree, it was mind blowing. Too good. Met Ajay my old schoolnet buddy along with his full family and in laws and it was nice to meet somebody from my Gao, far away in a foreign land. Happened to meet few new faces and you know what, few were again from my own gao, Vasai and many of them from Amchi Mumbai. Nice to meet all of you guyz. One more reason I would remember this party was for first time in life I won some prize, in some game and here it was Bingo. So BINGO , finally I won something !! The villagers and thief game started off with lot of confusion but got so interesting in the later part that, everyone wanted to leave only after knowing the real thiefs. Sachin and family  owes all the credits for this interesting game.
Boston seems to be city with lot of historical significance in US. Its a mixture of the old and the new. The boston duck tour gives a nice overview of the boston city and you can have a glimse of boston in those 80 minutes. This duck is nothing but some vehicle designed during world war 2, which can run on road as well as water.
The mechanic (actually this driver of the duck calls himself mechanic) was quite a jolly good fellow and did his job of keeping us infomed about the places we visited, very well. Its started from Prudential tower, which has a observatory  called has sky walk view, from where you can have birds view of Boston.  The boston public garden seems to be quite a happening place and  its the oldest botanical garden in US. Although we never get down the duck and actaully enter any of these historical monument, the mechanic kept us updating about all these places, giving a virtual tour.
The suspension bridge on river charles was one more architectural beauty, which attracts  your attention. The bridge is called  Bunker Hill Bridge and its a widest suspension bridge. The John Hancock Tower  behind trinity church is 63 stories tall and is the tallest building in Boston.  You actually meet lotsa ducks (the vehicle) on the way, and the exchange of quack, quacks amuses everybody.
Journey through Charles river gives a beautiful view of  Boston skylines and river parks on the banks of the river. You can see people having gr8 fun with their sail boats and view is really amazing. Boston Public Library is a again a very old monument , quite a huge building and wonderfull piece of architecture.
Trinity church is again a very photogenic building and has a beautiful fountain on its right. This place also seemed to be quite happening .I was lucky enough to capure few beautiful spanish dance steps by few visitors dancing at the tunes of some catchy spanish music.

Click here for some of my Boston Snaps


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