One of the typical holiday travel modes in US is to drive. I am not sure about the percentage popularity of this mode, but most of the US population finds it quite convenient. Apart from being cost effective, it also become quite easier as you have all the possible help available on Highways right from fuel to rest areas and hotels to restaurants.

A five-hour drive from Austin and you are in this hot and humid palm country along the Mexican Gulf. This was our turn to explore a bit of south Texas and touch its international border along Mexico. Brownsville, although typically a small town, has an impressive international airport as well as University of Texas Campus.

Brownsville is situated right across the border with Mexico along the Rio Grande River and is one of the most populated cities in Texas. Apart from the Mexican-American war history Brownville is quite famous for its wildlife refuges and bird sanctuaries. The ever-bustling South Padre island is just an hour away from this land of palms. Brownsville, although typically a small town, has an international airport as well as an impressive University of Texas Campus.

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    Darshan, very good blog about Brownsville with beautiful pictures. Really useful for one planning a trip to Brownsville.

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