Bull Creek Hike

This was my Hike with “Crack of the Dawn” after a while and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Austin as people know more as city of hills, but it’s more of a city of creeks. The hilly geography and sporadic rain pattern has created these creeks passing through the rocky hills all around Austin. A typical Austin hike is always a hike around some creek and Bull Creek was no exception to that fact.

Best part about “Crack of Dawn” is small group, that allows you to interact well. Dave, the organizer, makes sure he talks to everyone in the group and his passion is limitless. Although I am not as regular as many others, I am pretty sure he is out there on some or the other hiking trail every Sunday morning at 7:30 am.

We started from Bull creek hiking trail from the Old Spicewood springs road end right off 360 Highway and went all the way up to the end, where it has wide open area off Lakewood Drive. This is a perfect place for picnic and generally can get crowded. The trail is quite easy to navigate along and goes through few patches, where there is thick growth of bushes and trees around, so would recommend using a long pant and long sleeves shirt to be on the safer side.

Wear shoes that would make you comfortable to walk in water. Dave does like walking through water and wherever the water is shallow we made sure we enjoy the cool touch of the water, generally helping to cool us off a bit during summer.

It has number of water falls and the river flows through a typical greyish rock structure giving this place its unique look. You might see many families along the trail enjoying swimming or just splashing water and getting one with nature, where water get little shallow. You cross the 360 bridge at two spots along the trail and at one of those spots we could watch a very beautiful fluorescent bluish fish. If you are lucky you might see few turtles as well and few cardinals keep amusing you with their dark red colours.

A little girl probably 6-7 years old joined us along with her dad and her enthusiasm was overflowing. She kept picking flowers and by the end of the trail she had a very beautiful collection of those.

We were back at the parking lot near Spicewood springs road by 11:30, all fresh, ready to kick off the day, saying good bye and thanking Dave for one more fantastic hike.



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