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Well having taken lot of rest last weekend, we wanted to enjoy the warm and nice (? It was almost 89 degree F) weather of New York. After going through the real harsh snowy winter out here, this kind of weather was kind of boon for these people. We, being used to the heat in India, cold winters and snow is a novelty for us , but then here it’s the other way round. We started at 11, from exchnage place, took a train to WTC. Had a look at the 9/11 memorial and the memories of that terrible attack that happened on that day. We went to Brooklyn Bridge and caught a train for 59th street at Chambers Street station. From 59th Street the Central park was just 3 blocks away.

The beauty of central park is that it’s situated right in the centre on New York city. This place is huge rectangular area spread across 843 acres and as you go deeper and deeper, it’s really difficult to imagine that you are actually surrounded by the sky scrapers, offices and hectic buzz of the metropolitan city of New York. The greenery gets thicker and thicker and you can even find very private secluded rock amist thick woods for yourself, to just lie down and read some lovely book, for rest of your  day and not get disturbed by anyone, except few squirrels, that keep playing around and chirping of few melodious birds.

The summer had filled the air with energy and fun and for the New Yorkers and even New Jersiers or rather for most of the US, it’s a time to get out of homes, dump their skies and coats at their homes and come out with canoes and bicycles .This is the time to dress smartly in shorts and T shorts and colorful tops, lie down in sun for a tan, play baseball, rock and roll on their skates and skateboards and well, make the most out of these few months of summer.

Central park is a cluster of numerous lawns, baseball grounds, beautiful gardens, lakes, bridges, statues, a zoo and children fun zones.  It’s huge and I bet even if you spend a full day here, it’s difficult to reach every corner of this park. We could get near to two of the beautiful lakes, one quite close to the gate at the north and one near the strawberry garden. The one near to the strawberry garden, had boating facility and watching families and few romantic couple row gracefully across the calm waters and enjoy the peaceful ride in that quite and fun filled atmosphere was fun for us too.

We had a quick photo session at one of the cute huts, on the bank of this lake. Dhanu gave few chinranjeevi style poses, while Satish did his best to capture that in his camera. A romantic couple requested us to take their snap and we were quick to request for a snap of all four of us.

A few places over here were hard to leave and we did consume lot of time, compared to what we had planned earlier.  There was this nice green lawn spread all across and we had got down on the grounds to relax for a while.  As Dhanu got a quick nap and me, Usha and Satish continued chatting, it was difficult to leave that place after getting too comfortable sitting there. I could now imagine how relaxing and peaceful it felt, when the people around spend so many hours together just lying down there, without any worries and obligations, whatsoever. The lakeside was equally beautiful spot and was difficult to leave from those romantic, fun filled activities and energetic environment all around. 

A huge 61 ft high Egyptian obelisk made out of single stone and popularly known as Cleopatra’s Needle, is placed quite close to the Metropolitan Museum on the west side. This obelisk was constructed in 1600 BC at Heliopolis, and then was moved to Alexandria by Greeks in 12 BC and finally been gifted to city of New York by Egypt in 1881 AC. The English translation of the world’s oldest readable inscriptions is engraved at the base of the obelisk. There are two similar such obelisks, placed in London and Paris as well.

After getting lost while finding the exit, finally got out at American Natural History Museum. The Museum was fantastic and looking at the huge skeletons of dinosaurs, we went back to the world of few million years earlier. After enjoying a very flashy and glittering evening at Times Square,  we set out to find the path station at 33rd street. Well going back home and doing any kind of cooking was out of question.  Going down the Journal Square was the natural decision, from shopping, as well as dinner point of view. After having such a long day and sweating around in the burning New York Sun, we wanted some good food. Dosa house did not disappoint us. The unlimited Sambar and the chutneys were awesome, and the the dosa and uttapan dishes were perfect. The Sambar actually made my day and could not help having it again and again.

Went to the bed tired but, much satisfied, wondering about , how the same sunny day might be hated in India, while these people, so crazy about this heat and the sunlight. Anyways, again the perspectives change so drastically depending on the context isn’t it?

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  1. Deepti Mhatre-Sangelkar

    Hi Darsh,
    Seems u r having a gd time in US….
    Been a long time since we wrote to each other…
    Have a great time..Will write to you soon..!


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