Coorge and Ooty – Exploring Coorge

Road to Dubare elephant camp was the most scenic, with winding roads, thick forests and cute houses. Coorge is home to rich flora and fauna and apart from coconut and beetle nut trees; the road was lined with tall silver oaks, supporting the thick foliage of black paper, creepers. The rest of the land was covered with coffee plantations.

The camp was on the other side of the river Cauvery and this spot is again a starting point for water rafting. Cauvery rapids can be one more thrilling experience, as you have class 1 to class 6 rapids in this span of Cauvery. As we touched the other side of the river the Elephant Trainers, were already bathing the elephants & brushing them quite nicely. This looked like a huge elephant spa, where elephants were letting themselves pampered.

These huge creatures, with those long trunks and shining white tusks, gave an experience of elegance and royalty. Even though the Kings and Queens are no more a part of modern India, the walk and features of this royal animal still remind us of those days of royalty. They were in all sizes and a family with a little naughty kid captured our attention for a while.

Maitri really enjoyed getting so close to them as well as touching them. Feeding these royal animals and pampering them was a different experience. The elephant ride was off course a mere quick 10 minutes walk around the island, just to give us the feel of being a royalty for a whileJ. A mom and a daughter broke down a wooden desk just close to the ride-point, by mere weight and provided a good entertainment for all of us.  Obviously we humans can compete with anybody, what’s so big deal with elephants 🙂

Golden temple or the Namdroling Monastery visit was my first ever visit to any Buddhist monastery. The sheer grandeur of the temple, the calm and quiet of the place, the fully shaven saffron and red clad monks, carrying out their daily chores spiritually and religiously, everything was so tranquilizing. It really slows you down, making you get little introvert and ask few questions like, what is that you are searching for in life? Are you yet, to get to the truth, that Gautama(Buddha) discovered few centuries ago.

What is this most coveted, most talked about, HANPINESS means and how can we have such a contrast with few being totally materialistic, while few being completely acetic and following true teachings of god. These are few of the eternal questions, and although it’s been answered by many scholars’ earlier, everyone human has to find his own answer to these questions. 

The painting on the walls of the temple was elaborate and pictured few of the deities and demons from the Buddhism. The depictions are very colorful, making you linger around for a while, soaking you into the beauty and peace of these beautifully decorated and elaborately colored marvels. The golden statue of Buddha was strikingly beautiful and radiated the same wisdom, that he spread all across the world few centuries ago.

The artwork with colorful sculptures of different deities as well as mythical animals, the two blue lions, at entrance, with their ornate design and artwork is definitely a treat for any art lover. For a person like me driving everyday life with hectic deadlines of the corporate world, life comes to a standstill, here for a while. These are some of the moments that affirm life and I say, yes life is beautiful and there is lot more to it than, to just achieve and run behind goals in a frantic rat race.

We were lucky to witness some religious parade where the monks wearing their typical saffron headgear marched in a circle at the tunes of a soothing typical Tibetan tunes.

Nisargadhama deserved its name. As we crossed the Cauvery River by a hanging bridge we were transported to a mysterious island of bamboo plantations. The Bamboo forest was spread all across, within the span of our sight. The forest had all the shapes and sizes of bamboo dotted with swings and thatched cottages and even few observation decks, atop bamboo clusters.

The wind played mischief, as it blew around these tall bamboo clusters, creating sound effects, quite close to Hindi horror movie special effects. In fact as we climbed and took seats on top of one of these decks, wind gave a slight swing to our desk and we could find that sudden chill, rising from the pit of our stomach. It was really scary for a while, as if the whole bamboo cluster is going to tilt dropping us down, as it bent sideways.

You get a chance feed the rabbits and deer out here. The herd of deer that we could see had more than 30 deer and you get to see a typical herd life of deer. Few young among them were fighting against each other, locking their branched horns and pushing each other, using their hind legs. Watching this was quite interesting, while the young ones kept leaping around their mother, as their mother continued grazing and eating cucumber provided by the visitors.

Maitri was very fascinated by the whole idea of touching their soft skin and feeding them. She enjoyed the deer park the most. The silver dotted brownish deer with the branched horns and innocent eyes, looked at us, giving a happy message, that they were protected there.

The activity center in Coorge has events, activities to accommodate the taste of a full family and spending one of the evening here can be a great experiences. While you soak the natural ambiance of this resort, with winding cobbled pathways and thick greenery all around, one can get little social here by participating in the dance shows, games, magic shows for kids, few indoor and outdoor games like badminton, beach baggie, golf etc.

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