Coorge and Ooty – In Ooty

The hairpin turns on the way up to Ooty were quite hair raising and our driver Gangappa did a great job, as he drove proficiently and got us at Derby Green by 8 pm. As you keep going up, you start getting the real feeling of the vastness of the Nilgiri ranges. The huge mountain ranges of Nilgiri, dwarfs everything around and you keep looking at those majestic peaks, catching their magnanimity, almost awestruck.

The journey had been tiring and both Sheetal and Maitri wished only for a sleep and no more car travel. Today’s travel had been much longer and considering their road travel sickness, I must say that they did a great job today.

The view from Derby Green at night is spectacular; the whole valley comes alive with the twinkling lights, all across on the slopes of the mountains, that encircle this place. The cozy resort rooms, the peculiar cottages made in wood along the slope and chilling weather due to rains, everything was quite inviting and romantic.

After having a refreshing hot water bath, I ordered my food in the room itself. Sheetal could not eat much as she was having headache by this time and Maitri was deep in her sleep. The thick rugs and comfortable beds took us into a deep slumber, only to get up at very mild rays of Sun. Derby green has a classy view of the race course right in front of the resort, surrounded by the mountains.

Maitri and Sheetal had given up by this time and wanted no more sightseeing. As they had decided to take rest and explore the resort, I took a tour for Coonoor tea estates and few other points close by to Ooty. The road to Coonoor went across the Nilgiri Mountains and I could get few spectacular views of valleys and thick Nilgiri forest on the way. The cute and tiny houses and hotels along the slopes were testifying the fact that how popular this destination is among tourists and many people have made this their home. Obviously the touristy nature does compromises some of the natural beauty, as at places the mountains are cluttered with too much of settlement.

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