Coorge and Ooty – Return Journey

Sheetal’s plans to bag few South Indian dress material at coimbatore was foiled by the coimbatore traffic and we could hardly reach the terminal a couple of minute before the train, hoping not to miss the train. Well off course, the train in fact took much more time and we ended up waiting at Coimbatoor station for more than an hour.

After leaving Coimbatore, we were supposed to travel for almost two nights to reach Mumbai. But after having such a nice tour of two of the most diverse, culturally as well as geographically rich destinations and after enjoying the cool monsoon weather, we were quite relaxed. The memories of last few days, watching the outside terrain and stations , playing cards, watching different people and interacting with them all, was fun and part of our return journey. What’s the fun in putting an abrupt stop to such a marvelous holiday with a one hour quick plane travel, at least I don’t like it. If you are talking about time, well one can always factor that in while planning the travel itself

The CAPE Mumbai express originates right from KANYAKUMARI in Tamilnaadu, enters  Kerala and covers considerable distance along the Kerala coast. It again enters Tamilnaadu at Coimbatore, where we boarded the train. I had a nice view of the Salem Temple and the illuminated stairway to reach this religious place situated on the top of a mountain, from the train window. Few women with ornaments and necklaces entered train here. The beautiful necklaces made out of colorful beads were quite attractive. Sheetal and Maitri picked couple of necklaces for them and were quite happy with the deal.

The next morning sun peeped through the window, much harsher now, telling us that the heat is on and you have entered the more barren terrain of Andhra. Although the land was under cultivation, the thickness of coconut greenery, sight of rivers and monsoon was absent from this place. In fact the places like Tadipatri, Gooty and Guntakal had a very rocky terrain with gigantic rock formations giving a feeling of going through grand canyon’s.

We touched Karnataka for couple of stations like Raichur, Gulbarga and then entered Maharashtra at  Sholapur. The police asked us to close all the windows after Sholapur, as there have been usual incidences of dacoits, getting into the running train and looting people. Sheetal had already started visualizing the dacoits, with black masks and guns in their hands, and we handing over all our valuable belongings, with shaking hands and scared souls. Well the silence made this part partly scary and partly interesting. The presence of policeman however, did not relieve our scare though.

We reached Dadar station at 4:30 in the morning and by 6 am, I was in bed physically tired and mentally rejuvenated, carrying lot of rich memories to share with you all.

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