I have been watching Davlari banners in Chikuwadi and Link road for quite some time for now. As a non-veg food connoisseur, you guyz must have heard of Konkani, Goan and Malvani food restaurants akin to Kinara, Gomantak, Gajalee etc. Davlari, although again a sea food specialty restaurant, is unique in the sense, that they have specialized in Agri and Koli food. This makes it more special because the word Agri might not be that familiar to many people and its more of a local cuisine and much authentic. I am taking a liberty to use the word authentic over here.

Davlari happened to be a nice surprise. Dad’s birthday falls in October and all of us wanted to go out to some nice non- veg restaurant. After spending most of the morning in the cleaning for Diwali on the Sunday, we just wanted hot and nice lunch and some rest. Davlari being quite close by and since we had never tried it, we headed for Davlari.

The course started with Gavthi chicken soup, much closer to what we get at home and gave us a good first impression. The Gavthi chicken soup had raised our appetite and we were getting anxious, after the long gap between the soup servings and the next course. Finally the “Surmai Fry” arrived followed by “Bhokache Wade” and “Prawns Masala”. The Surmai fry gave me the same experience, as I had with the “Surmai Fry” in Fullora (Alibaug) just a year back.

Bhokache wade were quite different and I had never tasted them before. Although they looked like south indian “Medu Wada”,but the taste went quite close to the “Malvani Wada” as in “Kombdi Wada”. The Catholic community in Vasai also has their typical bhokache wade, made during special occasions like marriage, communion etc. and have their typical taste. Being a die-hard Vasaikar, I savor them a lot along with their Indyaal (Vindaloo). One more favorite dish of mine is Estook (Stew), a dish prepared by adding lots of vegetables to chicken or mutton stirring it to make a thick greavy.Neways,although I liked these Agri “Bhokache wade”, the ones from Vasai are more crispy and my personal favorite.

Davlari chef was quite generous in terms of quantity of prawns in the “Prawns Masala”, as it’s really difficult to find prawns in Prawns Masala or Biryani in many of the restaurants. They just impressed us not just with the quantity, the taste was authentic as Agri food is quite similar to Vadval food, so being a Vadval, I do reserve rights to use word authentic over here. The “Tandalachi Bhakri” was awesome and its combination with “Pawans Masala” made my day.Rice went well with the “Gavthi Chicken”, and the little spicy and tangy taste gave that peculiar tinkling sensation to our taste buds and even the brain.

The head of the waiters was a Hindi speaking guy not quite fit in that setup. I would have imagined a nice genuine Marathi speaking cleanly shaven and well dressed smart guy as fit in that place. But then things are never perfect. Even Gajalee must have taken its time to reach its current state, so need to give some time to Davlari too.

I catched, some unfamiliar dish in their menu called as “Lavri Fry” and got really curious. We were told that its a small bird much smaller, even than a chicken. Being the first visit we didn’t want to experiment too much, but requested to see the live bird. I had heard of some people in the remote villages in Vasai eating bats and rabbits, but never heard of this bird earlier. To our surprise, it looked much like a small chick, but never seen it or heard of it before. Well some more addition to my knowledge of some exotic local dishes.

Overall a nice experience and a good treat for the fish lovers. Will like to try some of the dishes like “Sukkad chi Chatni” and “Bombil fry” next time. Happy meals..

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