Evening Walks

After getting settled in the project and once the most hectic Iteration1 (This was our TPS MBS product Iteration) was over, we started coming a little bit early in the evening. That is where I started going for these pretty long evening walks. The idea was to get a little exercise. little  fresh air, enjoy the evening atmosphere and get little introvert.
As these evening walks got more or less regular, they started  proving to be my extra oxygen doses. While I continued with these walks, they gave me many facinating ideas, gave me ample time to sit back and look for better ways to do things. This gave me time to actually know myself, time to understand the priorities ,revisiting them and planning for new things new ventures, to be occupied during free time and maximizing  the use of resources.
These are the walks when I listened to and repeated to my self my first few conversations in french while I listed to the rocket french introductory course downloaded in my Sony P1i. This is the time when I realized life is so beautiful. Life isn’t just a citibank project, nor is it the Polaris Appraisal and the paycheck at the end of month.
The kids playing at the Pleasant view gardens, the cool breeze, the well trimmed green lawns, the beautiful skyline cut across the elegant red brick pleasant view garden houses, everything filled me with freshness. This offered to me a rejuvenation of all my senses, more than a hot water jacuzzi and a herbal spa massage. 
I visited duseldorf, moscow, princeton, cap town, barbadose… during the same walks. Listening to the Gary Bebrige’s lucid , brief and still elaborate travel podcasts during these walks, was no less than actually visiting all these places.
This gave me inspiration to carve out my future path, paln few future ventures , understand the life in better perpective and  starty dreaming again, which I had stopped earlier in the rush and sweat of Mumbai croud. There is lot to learn and you never know when you would discover the hobby of your taste which can  chnage your life and you will again start jumpinmg with joy, like a small kid, after finding his lost pebbles. That is just priceless and but comes so easily effortlessly to you. Boy if I have to live and breath oxygen I need to continue this, even after I am back to Mumbai. Got to find some gaden, some private spot to give me all the freshness I got over here.

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