What’s really fear? Right from childhood till you really get into your old age everyone is afraid of some or the other thing. Fear is not bad, it anyway a feeling, a symbol of being human. But then what is bad about fear is you get addicted to this fear habit and  create some kind of mental monster in your mind, which takes up all the space of your mind and there is no space left out to actually tackle this fear. All this happens so subconsciously, that it appears quite natural and common. But if you really see people who are fearless or who have gotten quite a lot of control on their fears, don’t have to put any Herculean effort.

Few characteristics of fearless people are they are always calm, composed, well organized and always in control of their life, on the contrary a fearful person, appears quite normal on the onset, but behaves quite abnormally in particular situations depending on his fear.

Few might be afraid of death or even the word death, few people are afraid of public speaking or interacting with people. Few people develop fear of water and few might be afraid to fly in air. Some people might even spoil their careers, as they can’t face their bosses, while few might never enjoy swimming, even if they want to, as they are afraid of drowning. Few people take all the initiative and arrange a great ceremony, but back out from the front as they are too timid to talk in front of audiences.

The reason people develop fear can be attributed to their upbringing or mental makeup or even their childhood memories. Everyone, however strong, a person gets really shaky and uncomfortable under situations that they are afraid of. We can really get quite deep into the analysis of why this happens, or how a particular bitter experience can cause lifetime of scare in your mind, but lets concentrate more on, how we can deal with it.

The first step would be to accept the fear. Get little conscious about the process, how it develops and in case if you can put a mental check on it, during the time it develops, just do it. Understand that it’s just a mental projection. The other most important thing people are afraid of is failure, what if I fail. Here you need to do a bit of self preaching and convincing self that, everyone fails and failure is much better than never trying the thing you always wanted to. Facing the fear head-on has always been a best way of tackling fear. Rather than living with the fear for life long and repenting on the death bed that, why didn’t I try this thing at least once, try it out today.

After facing the back problem in my early age, quite sincerely, things were quite gloomy for me. But the worst thing is, I found myself getting into a mental trap of being afraid of happening it again. The pain was so horrible that, it wasn’t ready to leave my mind. Thanks to some family support and few inspirational books that I came across during that time. The realization was thinking about the same situation or being afraid of the same situation, is making me more and more weak and just helping me add more manure to the mental monster of my fear.

The right approach was to accept the facts and take all the precautions I can. The next step was to work on the problem through getting right advices, doing right exercises, so that life is normal and it’s no more a problem. Thinking about the same situation and how it happened and why it happened and what if it happens again, were some of the metal traps which were not allowing me to come out of my mental trauma and start living normal life. But the day I got rid of these questions and started asking questions like, how can I improve the situation, what changes I need to do on professional front and what can be done on personal front, I had overcome my fear.

So work on the worst fear of your life, today onwards and experience how it feels like.

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