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Until recently we were just, one more ‘third world country’, recongnized only becuase of our NON ALIGNED policy and software boom. But during recent few years it has finally happened. Every one can feel it and proudly say it.We were happy talking abt our great ancestors and their sacrifices and the golden age india had seen and be happy abt it. 🙂

There was facination for divinity of India. A hot destination for people searching for peace.But now the image is totally different.India means lot of fun,home for a deep rooted culture,art,craft and lot of talent.Not to mention the technological advances and indigenously manufactured weapons.With our fast breeder reactors and nuclear power generation capabilities India is also a Nuclear Power.

With media,news chanels, especially chanels like NDTV has made difference.A Indiviual’s voice is being made to be heard by media.There are more open discussions.Issues like Kashmir Autonomy are being discussed freely.Problems haven’t changed, but everyone is made aware about it,a general consensus is generated and there is an univocal effort is made from different sections to change the things and thats a good sign. 

If you look at India’s growth during past 10-20 years and compare it with the 40 year timespan before this there is a dramatic change. Our growth rate has been 7% on an average while current growth rate at 8.1 and projected Inflation 4% .These are real good figures.With Sensex touching 10000 mark share market has created a history.

With Leadership in services industry,India has caught everyone’s attension.India is being directly compared with manufacturing gaint China and both are competing to acquire expertise in each other’s weak areas.  

Poverty and illiteracy is still a major hurdle and there has to be few strong steps taken.In India there are 35%  people below poverty line whereas in china its 16%.Probably this is one byproduct of democracy and capitalism and we need to take a serious insight into this issue.The offshoot of BPOs, Software and  other serice related industries gave added lotsa social problems. What matters is how we train ourselves to handle these kinda issues and streamline the working of these new kind of Industries.    

Till now the everyone proclaimed that demoracy is a stumbling block in speedy progress.But India has proved it to be a myth.The facts and figures of todays India has generated a different picture.The world looks at India with respect.Its now in the mainstream.Its all because of right policies right people and our democracy.It does take time in demoracy to implement changes but,the final product is much filtered and well accepted. Policies,Changes which happen gradually and not forced by the government get deeply rooted in the society. 

The Quality Indian movies have played a vital role in chnages our image. There are people from all over the world dancing to the tunes of bollywood music.Film industry has become mature over the years.

Now its time to cash on all these positive focus and take India to the place it deserves. With changing times there are change in problems though,but with right outlook and positive policies "Delhi abhi door nahi". 

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