Goodmayes Park

One of the top privileges of staying in London or rather in Britain is the access to Public Park. After shifting to Goodmayes and getting settled in my Citibank project one of the happiest moments of my daily life was the evening walk. Although one of the intentions of my walks used to be exploring the nearby areas around, many a times I resorted to quieter walks around the couple of parks around. Green lane park or Goodmayes park was one of those.

These walks would take me close to the nature and the serene walkway, lined on both the sides by thick foliage of chestnut trees, used to give me a feeling of the postcard images, I had fallen in love with during my childhood. Right in the middle of the residential area, this park has tennis courts, a lake, a child play area, a green gym, a bowling court, football and basketball courts and cricket pitch as well.

Some of these walks give me the brightest of ideas, helps rejuvenate my senses and feel as fresh as a baby. My other favourite parks in this area are Tesco park and South park in Seven kings. Although Tesco park is smaller in size it is the closest and none of these parks are ever so populated to turn off the quiet and peacefulness of the place.

Being the pioneers of Industrial age, British also give us a message to keep the nature intact and these greener surroundings is their way to stay close to nature and healthy lifestyle.

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