Holly Lake Ranch

Holly Lake Ranch is a gated community at north east of Texas. As the name suggests it is located around Holly Lake and comprises of condos and log cabins of Silverleaf resort as well as privately owned properties by vacationers and retirees. The place is blessed with rich flora and fauna and the pinewoods of this region consists of trees, shrubs, woody vines, and herbaceous vegetation. Pine forest ecosystems dominates much of the landscape with few hardwoods such as oaks, elms, hickories, pecan, black walnut, tupelo, sweetgum, and others.

Shortleaf, longleaf, and loblolly pine are the three native species of southern yellow pine, but one can find other species of pines such as slash pine here. The green sub-tropical look makes this place an ideal destination for outings, watersports, hiking and relaxation. The forest keeps the temperature low and water levels are moderate.

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