Well, Hydrabadi’s love cinema  and their heros like anything. To some extent  more than even Tamils. recently Chiranjeev’s son’s debut film Chirutha was released. Since we had gone for watching chak de, we had the priviledge to see, the way traffic was jammed and all the foodcourts were closed down and only the ppl having tickets were allowed to go in the mall itself. That itself become a big event or rather festival…
The name Srinivasa Rao seems to be the most favourite name in Andhra and if you go in any corner of the City and shout with this name you will get at least 4-5 Srinivasas 🙂
Charminar is truely a sybmol of hydrabad. you can have a glimse of hydrabad once you climb up the minars. You can see great moghal architecture here.The carvings are beautiful and the top portions of minars are said to have carved out of single stones. .. :o)  The spiral staircases to go up and  down is yet another marvel. Gr8 piece of engineering.The mecca masjit is again very close and worth a visit.  That is where u can see the real hydrabad. small small gallis . and then there is that bangle market .. ppl pursuing you to buy the hydrabaadi pearl necklesses …  Although  the  road to Charminar is quite broad its been completely occupied by Yellow colored rikshaws (I didn’t really like that color.. full yellow…looks Yuk …   ) and the fruit merchants . I had a glass of faluda out there and it was too good. 
Hussain Sagar is exactly in between Hydrabad and Sycundarabad. Its a huge lake and there is one tall buddha statue in the middle of the lake. Area  close to the lake is called as Tank Bund.Other attractions here are Lumbini Park, NTR Gardens and Birla Mandir. I have yet to visit them. The Multiplex "Prasads" is also close to this Lake. There seems to be more than 15 to 20 statues arround the lake and you can find one statue in most of the cross roads. You call this a City of statues.
Most of the places in hydrabad are reachable in a half an hour. The place where I am staying is called Panchgutta and seems to be the most sought after place to live in hydrabad. Mall culture has penetrated here and  ample new malls are coming up everywhere.
One thing that I really liked in Hydrabad is the temples. They are very colorful and so prominent . You will see many deities on the gates and walls of the  these temples and much more decorated. They look quite traditional and create gr8  ambience for the place.
Since there is ramzan ppl relish different kind of non veg delicacies … one of them is haleem and every corner you will see chicken and mutton haleem shops . Not to forget the Hydrabadi biryani and hotel paradise is supposed to be the best for it. I am yet to taste all this, just waiting for right opportunity.
Peculiarly here the south -Indian snacks corners are called as Tiffins , I don’t know why. But that’s the way it is. Since I  went to Charminar by Citi Transport I got too see various parts fo Hydrabad and Secundarabad. Gave a closer look at different parts of the City. Although its called Citi Transport don’t really try to compare it with BEST or TMT 🙂
Hydrabad botanical garden is coming up in the kotaguda reserve forest near kondapur. Although all the phases of the garden are not completed, there are ample species of trees that you can see. Teh Bamboo section has large varieties of bamboos and the section is very well structured. There are path-ways  lawns and lots of colorful varieties of plants sprinkled all across. Currently the spot seems to be a favourite spots for couples, but hopefully will serve to be a good.
There is one beautiful lake at the corner  of the Bamboo section, with few families of waterbirds having fun in the quite waters.  The  lake with lots of  trees arround and lot of green mass accumulated at the banks gives this place a very natural look.
A tortoise shaped glass house, houses  number of varieties of cactuses. Lot of work is still to be done, but worth  a visit.
Shilparamam is a virtual villege, very close to the Hi-Tec  City. Its a Andhra  Government initiative to promote handicraft. It has everything that you can expect in a proper villege.  Lot of efforts have been taken to showcase the life in villeges. There are actual villege houses, with statues of people doing various cactivities . There is a woman  pulling water from well, a villeger ploughing his fields, a man fishing at the lake and  his kid watching him.
There are swings, tied to the trees and look very natural. Lots of art work being displayed and sold out here. The variety is astonishing and if you want to decorate your house with most natural and beautiful things , visit to this place is a must. You can even enjoy a bullock cart ride out here. 
Various statues, artistic carvings placed in a very natural environment  gives dirrerent ambience to this place. An enormous  Nataraja statue on the hill side surrounded by equally massive rocks arround attracts your attention.
I got to know about two new South Indian’s dishes out here. One is Besiballa Bath and the other is Pesaruttu. Besiballa Bath is bothing but rice soaked into sambar, while pesaruttu is more like dosa, but it tastes different and has lot of chopped onions stuffed into it. I could try authentic Hydrabadi Dum Chicken Biryani at Ameerpeth Hydrabad house and it was awesome.
Salarjung museum is a collection of beutiful artifacts from India and all across the world,It is just a single mans love for art, that could  result into such a massive and elaborate collection of art work. Two must see things out here are a clock and an Italian statue.
The peculiarity  clock  is it has a statue of black-smith who keeps hammering each second and just three minutes before the clock strucks hour, a guy comes out of a door and rings a bell at soon as the hour is struck. The bell rings 10 times if its the 10th hour. Its a huge clock ,  made in England and assembled in colcutta.
A statue is a masterpiece of a devoted artist. Its called Veiled Rebecca. It took 35 years for this Italian to complete this statue and I bet, anybody having a first  look at the statue, would remain spellbound. The guy has put all his soul in it. rebecca is a mythological character and supposed to be very beautiful lady and the concept of the statue is Rebecca has worn a veil.  But at first glance you would feel like  statue is separate and  a veil has been thrown on to her statue. Artist has carved each fold each detail of the veil so minutely along with the statue itself. This is what  makes this statue very special.
Other sections like Japanease and Chinease gallery, carpets, weapons, ivory, Jade are worth a visit. Few paintings of Ravi verma amonst other make a mark. He seems to be again one more gifted artist.
Ramoji film city is again a symbol of one man’s passion for films and film making.  It has something for everyone, and irrespective of your age, everyone would say WOW when he comes out.
Ramoji film city provides all kind of locations all under one umbrella. It has Vrindavan Gardens, Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Mumbai ki Galli, High Court, Airport, Helipad, University, Railway Stn …. I mean you just name a thing and its available. It has London’s princess street, Swiss gardens, European statues and fountains, houses ..   Apart from this live dance shows, various rides, rain dance, cow boys show keeps your schedule absolutely  busy.
The movie magic action threature gives you the feel of live movie making in terms of mixing of images, sound recording and the final product of all this. we go thru’ all these stages as we move from one theature to the other, with artists chosen from  audiences. A ride thru’ amazing foreign locations makes you feel like you have been arround the world in just few minutes. If you are afraid of height and earthquake please do not enter Ramoji Tower. Every care is taken to make you feel like you are experiencing a massive earthquake. A must visit, if you happen to land in hydrabad.

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