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Individual’s role in doing something for the country

Is it not very common between us Indian that,during most of the discussions with friends, colleagues or relatives, amongst all hot topics apart from bollywood, career and TV Serials one of the hottest topics is the politics in our country and as a country where are we going in general , after 60 years of Independence. Most of the time we end up blaming state government, central government or the politicians in general. This topic is being discussed over and over again in trains, parties, social gatherings and offices and the conclusion is "Iss desh ka kutch nahi ho saakta" and who is to be blamed, the politics and our leaders. But wait a minutes, where did these politicians come from, they were few amongst us, whom we elected and why are they so different than you, why aren’t they sincere and do some good for the country. No there is something wrong here, when we are blaming them and taking a credit for verbally punishing these guys, what are we doing. No not for the country, for himself, for the place you are working for, for your family. No, I am not talking about just earning bread and butter for yourself and your family. Most of those great nations, who rose to suprimacy, didn’t have anything special, its not some God’s gift for them, its not because they had treasures, gold mines or super fertile lands. Its without any doubt, because of their people. People , the wise, hard wroking, brave, explorative, daredevil people. People who loved their country, craved for the growth, superiority and name of their country.

Its very easy to blame and crib about things happening arround.Agreed that the change does not happen overnight and a single man can never bring it in. Its a collective effort. But nobody seems to be thinking in that direction. Nobody is ready to ask question, WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT. Did you ever ask yourself, how sicerely you do your work, before raising a question about the political leaders. Are we being hipocritic, do we  actually try to hide our inabilities, weaknesses and helplessness in the face of incapable leaders and institutions and any such outside entity which you can be hold responsible for. Now time has come when we should change, its true that we have always been ruled by foreign ruler, its true that we always fought amongst ourselves, its true that we were always dossile and little laidback. But if we continue doing the same old mistakes, we are going nowhere, we are the ones who would eventually  suffer, as our ancestors did and the mistakes that our ancesters did, does not necessarily establish our nature, our heritage.

Its time to get little patriotic and look at the world, the nations much smaller in size and much less resources are doing much better. And again let me stress here its not just the right government and policies, that have enables them to achieve that success, its defintely the people. So lets ask ourself, CAN I MAKE SOME DIFFERENCE ? , CAN I BE INSTRUMENTAL IN CHANGING THE FACE OF INDIA, CAN INDIA BE LOOKED UPON WITH MORE RESPECT, AS A ECONOMIC POWER, AS COUNTRY WITH DIVERSITY, A COUNTRY OF HARDWORKING ,SINCERE,PATRIOTIC INDIVIDUALS. why not,  if every Individual starts thinking in one direction,  direstion of development, prosperity and self reliance, its quite possible.

There are few inherent problems, that we have, like our ever expanding population, lack of resources in few areas, dependence on monsoon for agriculture in many states. But lets not worry about our problems, lets find solutions for them, this is the attitude that will get us going. Lets not even add to the problems, by raising issues, supporting regionalism, casts, religion. Lets have simplistic approach, how do I make my nation a developed nation, where do we lack and what could be my contribution towards it. Start from yourself, is there a room for improvement in me ? can I do better ? I am sure nintety percent of the cases you will find your own answers. If every individual does his or her job perfectly, most of the problems will be solved. There won’t be any corruption and things would move much faster. By being efficient, disciplined and sincere you will not only improve your own self respect and dignity , but would have influenced few others arround. Now instead of discussing how useless the goverment is the focus would shift more on to what we can do to improve the situation and I bet every individual has some great ideas, its only that we don’t express those ideas or work on them.

The next area that you can influence and improve on, is your family. Your daughter or son who is going to be the future able citizens of our countries, its your job to mould them. Lets not just try to make them Doctors and Engineers or Software Professionals, Lets try to give them more than that, lets make them philosophers and intellectuals. Lets not make them materialistic. Lets try to saw those seeds of patriotism in them. Give them a broader understanding of our country and their duty towards it. Tell them the stories of great patriotes who proved to be true sones of their soil. Let them know about people who have served the whole humanity, by inventing new things and seaking answers to question, no body could answer before. Teach them tolerance, teach them to understand other countries, respect other cultures, take pride in the diveristy of our country. By moulding a future citizen , who understands our country, its diversity and having right perspective to work on its problems you have already given a great leader to the country. All the great movements have started , at individual levels. But the movements which are selfless, having strong faith and encompass all the sections of the society always prevail and give miraculous outputs, give birth to great leaders and will write the future of the country.

So by mentoring and grooming your kids and proving to be their role model you are already doing a great service to the country,  apart from your normal dudies. This is minmum what an individual can do for his country, and  the cummulative effect of such a small change can be, huge, spanning many sections of society and alleviating many chronic social problems. You might end up mentoring modern day scientists, enterprenuers, thinkers , leaders and importantly the respectful and proud citizens. I think this is what culture is all about. Its rightly said that, what you give is what you get back in return. 

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