Recently I attended one of the Hindu Mythology related session. It was a simple yet introspective lecture on today’s state of the world and the significance of teachings from Ramayana in today’s life.

One of the important take away was the significance of integrity. It’s an eternal value and one who achieves higher degree of integrity can have more control over his life and would be more respected. The value of this person is way more than others, simply because there is no conflict in his life. The person’s thoughts, speech and action are in sync and there is no confusion.


Such a person would not mind sacrificing his comforts and in fact even be ready to go through all the pain it brings to him.  Because at the end his integrity and faith in his values would get him to the place that he deserves. This person has courage to stand by his values and has a higher vision than most of the short sighted humans. A quick peak into history of such people would tell you what this means.

It’s been said that such a course in life is always hard and not easy, but for us mortals of today’s world, seeking short cuts, it might look too hard or even impossible. These principles are so simple and much easier to follow, if one decides to.

But when it comes to those short term sacrifices and not having the long term vision, the mind of a man becomes shaky and we just fall into the bandwagon of mortals confused about everything and the only measure of excellence is comparison with others and the material wealth.

This is universal truth that the one whom you trust, you would want to have a higher degree of integrity and the words of these kind of people have more weightage, than others who have conflict between what they think, what they say and how they act. It’s easy to memorize and speak nice words, but after all it does matter who is speaking and does his life reflects those values. Amen!!!

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