Italy – Second day at Rome

After a mouth-watering dinner the night earlier and long and deep sleep, we were up for our Roman exploration. Rome is pretty vast and we wanted to choose the best sites to suite our taste. After a long wait along with locals, finally we were in the bus. The sunny weather, memories of the last evening and curious mind to see more had added just enough excitement and we were all for it.

Villa Borghese was one of the beautiful spots in our journey, with a collection of some of the most beautiful painting and sculptures. The ticket of 13 euro was really worth. The museum really enchanted us and the artwork kept us glued for quite some time. In fact we spend almost one and half hour meandering through the sculptures section and had to really run through the picture gallery later.

The sculpture of Apollo trying to take Dephanie with him and Dephanie requesting her father to convert her to some-thing other than humans is well reflected in the sculpture. The beauty, the emotions, the reflection of the Roman culture, traditions and its gods is well depicted in every piece of art. Photography is now allowed in Villa Borghese, but the statue below would give some taste of these sculptures.

The human body has been the center of most of these paintings and the subjects have been ranging from Roman Gods, everyday events of those times to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.

The curvatures of the female body and the muscularity of the men, has been given utmost importance and they reflect in all the sculptures. The angels and demons mystify you in many of the frescos and you will break your neck gazing at the walls and ceilings admiring them.

This was our Basilica, Museums and Monuments day and you would stumble upon these enormous structures on your way, as you are Cris-crossing through these “Piazza”s and “Via”s, no matter which part if the city you are in. Some of the important basilicas like Basilica Chiesa di S. Ignazio, Sant’Andrea della Valle, St Maria Sopra Minerva Basilica and Marcus Aurelius Column are quite in the vicinity compete with each other in terms of size, paintings and artistic creations.


A pasta and pizza at café near Via Del Corsa was authentic roman experience, living the local culture and enjoying the Italian cuisine.


I personally loved the fresco’s on walls and dome of Basilica Chiesa di S. Ignazio where four continents were drawn signifying the people and their traditions in a very colorful manner.It must have taken years to built these structures and paint some of those masterpieces standing on the scaffolding and trying to finish work before the limestone mixture dries.

Being accustomed to temporary nature of today’s life, it becomes more and more difficult to believe the eternity of these paintings and structures.  Standing in front of those alters and statutes witness to the history of thousands of years, suddenly makes you humble. The passion, the beauty and the effort of this magnitude gives goose bump, and makes you feel proud to be a decedent of the species called as humans.

Pantheon was flooded with tourists and it was difficult to find space to move around. It’s a magnificent building commissioned during the reign of Roman Emperor Augustus and completed by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 126 AD. The circular structure with huge Corinthian columns in the front porch and the world’s largest un-reinforced concrete dome stands as a testimony to roman architectural mastery.

Piazza Navona is one of the most happening places here and we could see the artistic heritage carried even today by the local artists with the display of beautiful paintings for sale. The Piazza has few good cafes, bars, a fountain, ample space of families to spend time around and is surrounded by artistic structures, residences and churches.

It was time to spend some time in the market and collect our Roman Souvenirs.

It was late evening it was time to say Ciao. Boarding the train from Roma Termini we were heading back to our peaceful abode in Assisi, reminiscing the two eventful days right from the state of “How do we go about exploring Rome” to a much fulfilling and memorable experiences of roman architecture, religion, food, art work and local culture.


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    Very nice and interesting blog Darshan.Amazing Rome…full of history, art and culture….nicely depicted in blog.

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