This was the most comfortable trek that I ever had, may be all the credits to the orgainizers. Thanx to Yogesh and Bhupesh.
At 1 O’clock at night Aamir’s Subhanalla … pumped in all the rhythm and energy we needed to get going … and ensured a very good start for the trek…  There was lot of discussion .. and fight that went on and  on in terms of which movie to play .. but the Video player  … made sure that none of them would succeed ..  hahahaha …. 
The Striking features of Lohgadh, its neat, its clean. Infact the Fort as such,  is completely intact.. I feel sad about Vasai Fort when I look at these kind of forts.. The adventure part for me was the Vinchu Kada  … its more like Pratapgadh .. and gives you lot of thrill .. when you climb down the sloppy narrow  terrain … into the narrower vinchu tok … and then once you are at the edge … the feeling is…..WOW .. you made it  !!!!!!
For me offcourse this was a trek almost after .. 4 years and obviously  .. started breathing heavily at the beginning as the climbing began … but then its marathi blood.. .. how can it give up… made sure .. that I keep pace and  .. even captured .. Vinchu kada … 🙂  ..
At one  point, where I was actually scared was  when I was all the way behind (probably to capure few foggy mountains in my cybershot )… climbing up from the Vinchu Kada … and a Monkey blocked my way … there was no where to go .. I just had my sack infront of me… and the scare leader had took his teeth out … to scare the sheet out of me.. MY GOD  … Suddenly at a spark of a second … I saw him biting me … snatching my bag .. and then me helplessly taken to a doctor and … I could even visualize even the big big … injection … probably of the kind when you are bitten   by a dog….. I just yelled … with whatever the names I knew… and then few stones have made that beast … run away .. lowering my blood pressure.. to normal ….. Trust me I was SO SCARED  !!!! …. never before  …
Moral : Never be left behind, when there are monkeys arround and you are carrying food stuff in ur sack.
The group was nice .. and we had great fun. Nilesh was the gangway dancer and he danced to all the tunes that we chose .. to the best of his skills and was supported by Swapnil, Yogesh and many more….  I swear … to see them dance was a treat …
Even though ..we lost our path almost twice…  our driver ..Mr.Cool … never got annoyed .. kept on smiling and driving …  made sure that we reach our destination  on time…
Chicken handi at the base kamp … and then the Bhujing from Agashi… made our Sunday …. so a combination of best atmosphere ..best nature…. best company… best food …  What else you need ..   

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