The monsoon is here and it is here with a bang this time. We Indians probably celebrate monsoon like no other people in the world.
I strongly believe that, we still have that farmer instinct deep within us and it just subconsciously creates that feeling of festivity, well being, as soon as the monsoon arrives. It means good crops, it means prosperity, it means relief from the heating sun, it means start of new life.
Few couples add lot of romance to this season, by zooming around on bikes and enjoying those showers, actually soaking themselves into that chilly wetness. Few couples are little mischievous, and make sure they pick up just one umbrella, while going out, to enjoy the monsoon in a shared umbrella. Just the classic Hindi film like romance. Some people get nostalgic by, just paying a visit to the Nariman point, to see those thundering waves dashing against the rocks. Feels like you are embracing the sea there. Well this sight is so romantic during those days.
The average mumbaikar living in an one bedroom flat and traveling daily in the Mumbai’s local train, gets really annoyed, when BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) start putting in those water cuts, as May comes by. But guess what, as the rain comes ,this very mumbaikar get relaxed, as he knows his one tubful of ration, on bathing water is soon getting over. Well just a tiny little joy, but brings lot of happiness.
The trekkers reach out for their sacks and trekking shoes and the greenery of the Sahyadris starts calling them. The options are unlimited and trekking in sahadris has its own feel and fun. The "Vinchukada" of Lohagadh or the "kaarvi cha ban" from Tandoolvadi, the green thickness of passage to Chinchoti waterfall, all these places wear that beauty of those emerald ornaments, those shades of greenery. The chirping birds, singing to the tunes of tip tip, the entire flora and fauna suddenly becomes alive and shade their lethargy to celebrate this monsoon.
If you are not staying back at least a day during heavy rain, whatever may be the reason, genuine or non-genuine; you are not completing the ritual of "Mumbai Rains". And then the hot "Bhajias", tea with a bit of ginger in it and then watching the heavy showers, people carrying colorful umbrellas and kids wearing those beautiful raincoats, splashing water at each other, Oh my God !!!!  I am just getting nostalgic about all this. Every time I even think about this an array of events splashes through, screen by screen, just like a movie in fast forward. Each event being unique and related to this beautiful season.
I just can’t forget those days when schools used to be closed down early and then we indulging ourselves into the different water games that we played on the way back to home, right from paper boats to splashing water on each other, catching crabs and fish or just making way out through the heavily water-logged roads. And then mom waiting at home, just a little worried. The ceremonial hot water bath after that, to keep away from cold and some tea was rejuvenating, typical of any loving mother, again makes me nostalgic.
In most of the other parts of the world, I think the rain phenomena is not so much seasonal the way we have it. So the craving for those first showers, the relief that the summer is finally finally over and monsoon is back with all its thunder and lightening to beat the heat and increasing our heartbeat too, is quite unique to us. So just indulge yourself, soak in those first showers and say bye bye to heat and lethargy. The life, the energy is back. Happy Rains ..

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