I somehow always carried an image of Texas as dry, desert like land with very less vegetation,land of cowboys and rough terrain. With each new visit to different parts of Texas, the image has changed and Texas has always come out as a land of cattle, greenery,lakes,local produce like blueberries and farmlands.

Montgomery was a pleasant surprise with tall pine tree greenery, a huge lake of Conroe and lovely winding roads going through farm lands and cattle fields. The lake is a vast expanse of clean blue water expanding its arms in several directions, with number of lakeside activities and serene natural beauty to sooth your eyes.

I was really surprised to see those tall pine trees in this area quite south of Texas and it was interesting to know that this area grows a good amount of Strawberries and Blueberries as well. The piny woods were as thick as those in Tyler in north east of Texas. Living momentarily in a small town, getting close to farmlands and seeing the cattle from close was real fun.

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