Moosafir Hoon Yaaro

Recently I have been tracking a TV series called Musafir Hoon Yaaro very closely and kind of got addicted to it. I am not really sure when did
star plus started the telecast for this serial.But the opportunity to explore world sitting on your sofa,sipping hot cup of coffee, is absolutely exciting.Most of us,always have a secret desire to explore the world, different people, their culture and traditions.Their  climatic conditions,architecture,food.The climatic conditions,their animals, mountains,rivers,lakes oceans everything related to nature.

Musafir takes you to every corner of the world, and even to the places you have never heard of.Virtual tour to all those places,their  cultures,the nature’s beauty, sandy beaches, mountains its mesmerising.

In fact Deepti Bhatnagar tries to give you the feel of every aspect of visiting a new place or country by taking us to the vineyards and
offcourse 🙂 she tasting the world’s finest wines. Or taking a ride with the one of the Harley Davidson Biker, who is memeber of a very old
Harley Davison club in one of the Scandinavian countries.   

Apart from that you can even get the glimses of the City life, the different transport facilitues,tall glittering buildings,churches,monuments,
shopping streets.The prosperity that man has achieved through continuous invention  and improvement.Its mind boggling.Exploring places like New Zealand’s Icy  mountains or beautiful Islands of Fiji is like treat to your eyes.

ETV Marathi has recently launced a TV Serial called happy Journey so as to satisfy our desire to see the world closely enough.The narrations of the places by Milind Gunaji and Mrunal Dev (Sonpari) in maiboli marathi gives a  different perception to a marathi viewer.One thing that I
liked about them is they just stick to one country and then they just take your arround all the beautiful places till you say baas yaar bahoot
dekha liya.Typically their tour spans across number of episodes and kinda of more exhaustive tour to know about the country.

Probably visiting all these beautiful places is not possible for us in single life, unless you are hired by some such TV show to host their
travel soaps. But then TV programs like  Musafir and  Happy Journey allow you to enjoy all this and then decide on whats the best option if
you plan a visit to any of these places. For all those who desire to see the world these kind of programs are a treat and thanx to Star Plus and ETV Marathi for these great virtual journeys..

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