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Mahindra’s Coorge resort also has ample food options and those who love to try different varieties of food, this resort is a paradise. You have Marcana, which serves vegetarian food and the ambience of this restaurant is quite unique. The Green Coffee is an Ala Carta restaurant and serves intercontinental food, including the Coorge and Manglore special recipes, Fern House is again a non vegetarian buffet restaurant and Green Cardamom is for fun dining.

The Coorgies are meat lovers and savor various delicacies of pork, meat and chicken. The marriages here last for two to three days and are marked by treating the guests with meat delicacies, liquor. These celebrations last overnight, over an exorbitant feast.

We went for massage on our second day morning. Kerala body massage is an unique experience. A well trained massager would loosen your body with oil and herbs and once soaked into your body, creates a kind of long lasting freshness and energy. This is as good as rejuvenating your body and the soul.

The right pressure on nerves and bones during the massage would make you feel comfortable and relaxed. A hot water bath after that is the final step and you feel quite light, healthy and fresh.

The oils used were Shirodhara and Dhanvantari along with few Kerala herbs which nourish your body and make you feel healthier. This particular massage, that we took, is called as Kizhi and is quite unique to this part of south India.

The local sightseeing spots were equally interesting and each spot had its own unique features. The first one was Abby falls. As we descended through the thickly wooded, lush green coffee plantations around, the thundering sound of the fall was self evident and guided our path.

The first sight itself was breathtaking. There stood in front of us the giant fall divided into two unequal parts with white, foaming, gushing water, playing rhythmic music around our ears. A hanging rope bridge in front of the fall lets you get face to face with this magnificent wonder. This spot is ideal for photography. One word of caution can be, take care of your umbrellas and cameras as the showers and wind can be uncontrollable.

The widely spread coffee plantations with huge trees and the greenery around gives you a feeling of lost in deep forest, much similar to any of the forests shown on  National Geographic.

The Omkareshwara temple, has its unique architectural significance with a large square lake & a mini temple in the middle, in front of the main temple. The front view with the main door & four minarets gives you a feeling of a Masjit and that is the reason, it’s so unique, as compared to other temples of traditional Hindu architecture. The temple has idols of Ganesha, Chamundadevi and Lord Balaji. There are colorful depictions and paintings from Hindu mythology on the surrounding walls of “Gopurs” (Gopur’s are the shelters around the temple specifically made for the cows that belonged to the temple).

Raja seat had a spectacular view of the mountains, draped in snowy clouds. The rainy season had played some mesmerizing magic and the cute villages, tiny roads, never ending mountain ranges and the clouds had created a picturesque views and the place looked like a huge painting, on the canvas of nature. It was hard to leave this place as we absorbed this beauty, frame after frame, for every moment we stood there and the weather was so pleasant that we were floating in heaven for a while, just letting ourselves getting one with the nature.

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