My Hospital Exprience

The  discovery of Tumour in Mom’s brain was the Big Blow for my family.The one and half month that I spent in Hakisandas Narottamdas Hostpital was the worst nightmare I had in my life.Every moment trying to find out Mom’s progress,praying God,convincing relatives and self,trying to be calm, trying to be positive,at times confronting with the doctors.. whole world changed for me.. It was full of grief with lotsa doctors,different treatments,the pain,the tears,the hardships and then the thoughts about Mummy,the good times we spent.. only one wish and only one thought.. GOD .. she derserves to get better,she had spent her whole life in hardhships, now its time for her to spent the rest of her life happily.. healthily .. and then how cruel that she got this kind if terrible sickness at this stage in her life…  do whatever you can .. I need her to be alright..

Thankfully she is back home and recovering slowly.All the members of my family have been a great support during all this period uncluding all my Uncles,Aunties,Mamas,Mavshis and everybody else.I hope she gets her conscious and her memory back soon.

The time I spent in Hospital was again a learning experience.God forbid,anybody getting into all the experience I been through.. but in case, If anybody happens to face this kind of situation..following are few of the Dos and Don’ts when you Hospitalise somebody.

1)Before taking any major decision like surgery always take a second opinion,its your right to understand if there are any alternatives.
2)Always talk with your Mediclaim agent and the agency before you admit.
3)Don’t forget to mention the mediclaim information while filling in the admission form.
4)Enquire about all the options and classes available before filling up the admission form.
5)Get the idea about the expenses which would be incurred during hospitalisation.Get all the info like per day charge for a bed. How are the medicines charged ? whats the charge for Surgery. What are the charges for Doctor’s visit.Most of the time since we are worried about the patient,don’t pay any attention to many of these things and get shocked after looking at the final bill, which can be avoided.  
6) Most of the time the differnet classes (Economy,A,B,General etc.) are for the name sake.There is nothing extra given other than probably a separate room,but the treatment being the same.In this case if you get admitted in an higher class you end up paying almost double for everything just for the same treatment.
7)If its a major surgery and expenses are going to be too heavy then don’t hesitate to ask for donations from social workers.
8)The thumb rule is don’t be shy or get intimidated by the the DOCTORs coz they are just the professionals  specialised in treatment of diseases and we are paying our hard earned money to get their services.So ask whatever the silly questions you have.They are answerable to you and should explain everything related to treatment and complexities. 

Here are few tips I had received from a friend fo mine and proved to be quite useful.

– Just ensure that you’ve enough funds for the expenses.
– Arrange for an extra cell phone.
– Check out the hospital policy, the hours and which room your patient will be in.  What are the visiting hours as such.  Who can stay with patient, rather how many people can stay back. If someone can stay back, then who will and when.Just think about this roughly.
– The hospital location as in is it too far or near to your place ?
– Do some homework on the kind of ailment your Patient suffers from.This will help you understand what the
doctors tell you later on.Google the ailment and the cure.

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