My Nostalgia

Now since I have entered my last phase of stay in Bahrain,have become little nostalgic about the same. It definitely was long phase in my life in terms of career as well as staying in some foreign land away from home.And now as I am packing my bags and getting ready to start one morephase, back home, all the memories of my stay over here, are getting accumulated in front of my eyes. 

Life in Bahrain is too peaceful and people out here reap the fruits of prosperity in complete sence.Unlike other Gulf coutries its not a hardliner muslim country, as a matter of fact its much open.You will see lot of Saudi and Kuwaiti cars entering Bahrain on thurdays to enjoy their weekends.You will see a large diversity of people from various ethnicity and culture, working together happily in Bahrain. The major countries contributing to the workforce out here are Ethiopia,Philipines,Thailand,India (Especially Kerala),Nepal,Pakistan,Bangladesh and Shrilanka.Apart from that there are many people from USA to serve US NAVY out here.You will also see people from South Africa, UK, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt out here.In fact more than half of the population in Bahrain constitute Expariates.   

Although a kingdom,the country’s political system is quite satisfactory and driven by people’s interest.Lot of people prefer this island  country for its smooth life and tax free income. Although you will also see lot of asian workers being exploited for very low wages, the middle class workers out here are quite happy. People from banking background have gr8 scope as bahrain is home to some of the big names in banks and finacial institutions, giving it a status of financial harbour of gulf. The government is quite active in creating new avenues for country’s progress.No doubt there is lot of foreign investment happening in this region and this small country is proving to be a good competition to other booming economies in the region. 

Common Bahrainis are quite peace loving and lead a very luxurious life.You will see some of the state of the art cars running on the  roads and sophistication has entered in all walks of life.The projects like Bahrain Financial Harbour, World Trade Center, Durrat Al Bahrain, will put Bahrain a step ahead in gaining momentum in its economy. Its quite admirable for this small country to make use of its resources and chalk out a plan for its future progress.This is one of the gulf countries, which, although saw this properity because of oil reserves, have made sure that they move on from their oil based economies to different other ventures as manufacturing,tourism etc.  

There are two major seasons, summer and winter,and environment is at extremes in both the seasons.So most of the time ,if you want to go  out, AC car is the only option.You would like to visit Bahrain Saudi Causeway, Al Areen park, Hawar Island, Bahrain fort, Reefa Fort if you  are a tourist to Bahrain. From 2004 onwards Bahrain is also hosting Grand Prix and was a gr8 step in promoting Bahrain on the Internation Map.    

While working in Citibank,I got a chance to create contacts all across India especially South India.Being Born and brought up in Mumbai(Vasai) I always had a limited proliferation of my friends, limited to mainly those,who were from Mumbai and most if them Marathi,Gujju’s and a few from North and South. But now I know people from various Cities and  from different backgrounds.I got friends in Chandigarh, Delhi, Banglore, Hydrabad, Chennai, Kochin, Trichi, Trissure, Madurai, Pune, in fact all the major Cities in India.In fact some of them are placed in places  like Singapore,London,New York and Sydney.Anyways for ppl in sofware,having this global family of friends is not uncommon 🙂

Working with Citibank too was a learning experience in terms of technology, Business Domain knowlege, Understanding the working of International Bank like Citibank,Management Skills.Has defintely got matured as person,as a programmer,as a Team Member,as a Technical Leader.Got to see various personalities, leaders and their working styles.Got exposure to Treasury and its working and the various financial products, Information Security, adding value to my profile  and giving lot of confidence as a Technical Architect. 

Bahrain gave me chance to lead an alternate lifestyle, having its own pros and cons. Being in Mumbai we tend to keep running arround all the time and pushing ourselves to the limits, well thats Mumbai’s culture.Bahrain makes your life smooth,comfortable and relaxed.You never have to rush for train, fight for getting into the bus or stand in long queues. But on the flip side you tend to get lazy with this lifestyle.Being a small country there are very few options to go out and have fun.The only options are to visit Malls,to do shopping or sit at home and watch movies on DVDs.So to summarize on this,not a BAD place  to stay for few years and then to move on if you have options. But definitly a better place for those who are bored with everyday huzz buzz of Mumbai’s ever running lifestyle.        

This flashback and compilation of experiences will go on and on until I put a stop to it.So let me just put a full stop out here, to all these rich and nostalgic bahrain memories of mine and move into the next phase.Ciao.


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  1. simson

    Wow.. Darshan those details are very well summarised by you… looks like some1’s getting very touchy.. well I wish u all the best in your future assignments, it was fun getting to know u.. u were one of the first persons in Bahrain of the few i can think of to patiently teach me some eDealer reports… all the best again

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