Niagara came out to be the easiest choice before embarking on Niagara Visit. By this time we had shifted from Homestead Hotel to our humble abode in Piscataway Carton Avenue. The May out here is a spring  month and hence the atmosphere is quite live. Trees are green and bear beautiful floral beauty.You can see different kinds of birds too.

Morning we got up really late, but Surender came to our rescue on time and took us to Edison station rather than Dunellen. Edison seems to have better frequency of trains compared to Dunelen. Finally we managed to reach New York sharp at 8 a.m. The bus was to start at 8: 45 so hired a cab and got down at Bowery Street China town.

The journey started from New York, thru’ Holland tunnel to New Jersey, Parsipanny,Pennysilvania and again  thru NewYork to Buffelo. With halts after every 2 hours at Burger Kings or McDonalds  we had a comfortable ride.The guide seemed to be quite talkative and although his english wasn’t that gr8, made every effort to keep us updated about the tour. It was our first chance to see the American country side, with long stretched farm fields, horse stables and country houses. You get a glimse of America as country of huge land mass, stretched all across, with mountains, rivers, jungles and wide, well designed highways going all across the country and keeping even the most remote part connected. The infrastructure, especially road transport, does play a  big role in any county’s prosperity. 

While leaving for the trip, we didn’t get any cash, since credit card works fine at all places in US. But the guide told us that the for tickets for cornign museum as well as the Maid of the Mist ticket at Niagara, we will be required to give cash. We were quite tense, and had almost made up our mind to complete the Niagara visit, without Maid of the Mist ride. But finally the guide gave us relief, saying that we can pay using credit card.

Our first attraction in this trip was Corning Museum. Here they had a demonstration, to show how any glass vase is manufactured . I never knew that this required  so much of skill and patience. The glass in the form of a while glass bulb, at a temperature of several thousand degree celcius, wrapped arround a pipe and  taken out from the burner. The vase maker blows air from the other end of the pipe to shape the semi liquid glass bulb into a flask. While doing this he has to keep rotating the pipe to make sure the  symmetry is maintained. He used several other tools to give a customised shape and uses few coloured glass granules to add color. The way he keeps on blowing and rotating the pipe is awesome to watch and does require a lot of patience. The end product is always an amazing and attractive glass vase.

Our bus had a variety of travellers coming from different parts of the world to see the beauty of mighty Niagara falls. There were Chinese, Taiwanese, Americans, Indians, Koreans and  Mexicans. Maitri had got quite friendly with a group of college going koreans and was enjoying their language and hospitality. 

The night view of the Niagara is one of the life time expriences and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The amosphere was quite cold and moist and gave a nice soothing feeling. The view on the other side of the fall is quite amazing and there seems to be quite good night life on the canada side of Niagara falls. We could see glittering glory of Casino, Sheraton, Hilton and Many such monumental hotels there. A tall watch tower on the canadian side makes you feel jealous and you wish you would have come with a canadian visa.

The first sight of Niagara catches you spellbound and you just can’t help but try to capture its beauty at every angle in your eyes. Even some of the latest and costliest digital mediums like camera, handicam can’t capture this beauty in its true sense. Mere size of the falls is so huge that you are speechless and even right now I am not been able to get right words to explain that experience. You just become one with the nature, the ambience of the place, mesmerised and captivated you stand there, as if everything has come to standstill. For me ,It was hard to leave that place.

The night at the Hayyat Regency Hotel was quite comfortable and we could not have asked for more than a 5 star treatment for one night at Niagara. The movie "legend of naigara" takes you back in history to understand the mistery behind the craze for niagara. The legend of maid of mist comes from a beautiful woman called Leelawala, who belonged  to the native tribe and was outcasted by the tribe. Colonial forces like Briitsh and French and even the local fought over the control over naigara. There were many daredevil stories of prople walking across on a roap across the falls and the most amazing of a school teacher surving a free fall over the falls, sitting inside a barrel. 

The american side of the falls are called American falls and smaller ones as Bridal veil falls and it is said that its lucky for the newly married to walk down, hand in hand, the rainbow bridge connecteding US and Canada across the niagara gorge.

The maid of the mist, boat ride is the peak of all the events and that is where you reach a level of the ultimate joy. The boat ride takes you as close as possible to the horsewhoe falls, the giant span of falls magnetizing you and your existance being dwarfed by the might of the nature. Its also great fun to watch people, trying to capture the majestic beauty saving camera from the showers of water, letting yourself get wet in the mist of naigara fall while you are drapped in those blue coloured raincoats and trying to believe that its not dream. 

Nature seems to be at it peak and there is no comparison to the beauty of this place. It is said that the falls have never stopped and even the coldest winters could not stop them. That explains the might of these falls and makes them stand out. These just the second larget falls in the world , next to the victoria falls in Africa.

Niagara trip would be a lifetime experience and and a chrished memory for ever.

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