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In a civilized society that we live in today,we need to make a living by doing some kind of work. Most of the cases the idea is to get good education, get into the best possible industry and earn a very good salary. This also gives exposure, personal development and sense of security as well. In few cases people start their own businesses or continue doing their family businesses to put food on the table.

Generally the conquest is to make some good amount of money, so that the life is comfortable and even though we say happiness can’t be bought with money, having good amount of money does help in many ways. After the bare minimum needs are met, people start looking for better status in society, pursuing their interests and contributing to the society as well.

But is that the real picture. Most of the times we end up spending whole life working for a salary that would only help us survive. The fact is doing a job, it’s very difficult to find a point in life, where you have made enough and you no longer need to work for money. Most of the traditional businesses also fall into the same category.

Now for an ordinary man, coming up from a humble background, it’s not easy to break away from the tradition, pour in some hard earned money and expect some magic to happen, to turn around life.

But for these ordinary men with big dreams, aspirations and fire to do something in life there are few unique opportunities made available.In the global scenario with advent of internet, its possible to sit in any corner of the world and do business. For people who want to start small, work part time and finally want to make it big, this business works perfectly.

This is also an alternative to traditional ways of making money like jobs and traditional businesses. In fact people are surpassing their income in salary after working for 10-15 years in job, by putting in some effort in this kind of business in less than 4-5 years. Offcourse, this also depends on the efforts, the compensation plan and the company you are associated with.

What is the most precious commodity that we all humans have? Isn’t it time. Because everyone has it equal and it’s all about you putting your valuable time to the optimum use and reaping most out of it. This is how people create wealth, by proper utilization of their time.

Direct selling or network Marketing is the concept that combines few of the time tested concepts of word of mouth, leveraging and compounding. All these concepts combined with the use of internet have exploded this industry. There are now more number of millionaires generated by Network Marketing than other traditional business.

One more thing that direct selling does is removal of the intermediary entities like wholesalers, retailers who eat up a large chunk of the profit, making either the product extremely costly or low quality. The MAD (Marketing, Advertisement and Distribution) constitutes almost 70% of the product cost, which is really huge.

The best part about this industry is any ordinary man, with a will to learn can achieve what he wants. It’s a profession that gives back power into the hands of ordinary man.

The industry statistics have been really positive and this particular concept has been there for more than 50 years now. But compared to the last 50 years the growth seen by this industry today is enormous. This has provided people with option to make money proportional to their efforts and gives control in terms of flexibility to manage their business.

People getting into this business seek mainly one of the following things

• Extra Income
• Financial freedom
• Have own Business
• More Spare Time
• Personal Development
• Helping Others
• Meeting New People
• Retirement
• Leave a Legacy

Looking at the current global trend, stressed life, health problems, lack of job opportunities, there would be more and more people getting directed towards this profession. India being a country having huge population, has lot of scope for this business as it creates self-sustainable growth opportunities for ordinary people.

When I first heard about the concept, I was really shocked not to have been exposed to it for so long. It is so simple, yet powerful. As I got into the industry and started meeting people, ordinary people, who with sheer dedication and hard work made such a huge impact not only in their life, but thousands of other life, I knew I am on the right track.

Right from the day I have been working in this industry, there hasn’t been a dull day. It’s not only the potential to earn that drives this industry, but the potential to change your own life and have an impact on people’s lives that makes it really unique.

The concept of compassionate capitalism makes this industry really unique and with the people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates commenting positively about the industry, people are realizing the power of this industry, across every part of the world.

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