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20130505_102224Sunday came with a shiny sunshine and a promise that, we are going to have a great day. Maitri was much more excited as this was a Disney-Land day. The original French breakfast with variety of options like sausages, bread, fruits, jam, butter, honey, croissants, crunchy corn flakes etc. was quite healthy and we were all ready to take on the challenges of Disney rides. Jatin, our tour manager updated us with the four major sections of the Disney land, and also, the interesting rides that we should try and the things like the fast track entry etc. on our way.

The grand entrance, vibrant atmosphere, giggles and sunny weather everything was so inviting and we knew for sure that this is going to be a memorable experience. The kids were having gala time and their cute faces, overpowered with energy and joy added nice vibe to the atmosphere. Soon we had entered the Main-Street. The horse driven carriage, the toy train and cute shops lined along the way gave a nice welcome message. Kids wearing props of Mini and Micky, appeared like hundreds of Mickeys and Minis, on the street.

DSC01193The tall fairy palace was inviting us from distance and has now become a symbol of fun, fantasy and joy. This really was a different land, I just could not imagine, but already having entered my forties I did not really expected me to be so enticed and awestruck by the sheer beauty exhibited by this place. No doubt its imaginary, it’s temporary, but it’s something that keeps you glued for all the time you spend here and lets the child in you step out. As you move on looking at the comic and mythical characters and cute little girls wearing trendy fairy dresses, you feel one of them. Maitri got for herself the mini’s hair band, adding those two cute mini ears on her head.

Spending time over here itself is a great joy, enjoying the atmosphere, admiring the every little aspect of this place, carefully designed to keep everyone busy and make them feel good. The shops the exhibitions, the ever helpful staff, the robin hoods and the pirates and the mysterious, adventurous rides, assure that imaginations can become real.

Our first ride was Space Mountain and that happened to be the most thrilling of all the rides we took. The ride was a good combination of space travel, roller coaster, producing a good bit of gastro intestinal activity as well, blowing the fear out once and for all. The ride started with a launch shuttle taking us through an inclined Launchpad, as though we would soon be launched into the space. The space that we were thrown into was much more terrific than the actual space.

20130505_121951The shuttle zoomed around in all possible directions in this stark dark circular globe, with sparse twinkling light and the sound of the space shuttle. It halted, jerked and at one point of time we defeated gravity as this shuttle zoomed passed the top of the dome, holding us in inverted positions for a second then again zoomed down at real space shuttle speed. The activity did not really lasted for long, but then, it was worth looking at faces as we unlocked ourselves from those shuttles. It seemed more like a mischievous monster picking you up in his fingers and giving you a nice whirl in air and then throwing you back, to see if you are still in your senses 🙂

The Michael Jackson’s Captain Neo was a good freaky 3D experience for kids, where he goes to some unknown planet uses his music and dance to convert the shrewd witch into a beautiful goddess, realizing her beauty, with all her slaves performing along with Captain Neo, as his buddies play some cool music.

We took a fast track coupon for Peter Pan’s flight and took a lunch break. Looked like the whole of Europe had gathered there in Paris to enjoy the summer holidays, the languages spoken although quite unknown, gave a sense of joy. It was fun to see parents acting like kids and probably making up for their childhood fantasies.

DSC01168As people say “When in Rome do what Romans do”, we decided to try some local food. The tenderly roasted soft chicken, cooked without any sauces and spices, had its own flavour and it literally melted inside our mouth. Au Chalet de la Marionette was flooded with people and it really took a while to get to the counter for our order. After rejuvenating with rest and good food we were ready to explore more.

Maitri and Sheetal had already been to “It’s a small world” consisting of beautiful dolls from all across the world and a boat ride through this magical land of dolls, dressed appropriate to costumes matching to their land of origin. I just had to give it a miss, as everyone entering fantasyland wanted to experience this and getting into this huge queue would have consumed lot of time, which we did not have.

The adventure land was full of all the kind of adventures right from the becoming a crew member of Pirates of Caribbean ship to the Indiana johns’ adventures. This was the place for screams, jerks, roller coasters and daredevils.

The tree house here was really cute and all the different rooms like the kids room, bedroom or kitchen were nicely decorated using “all natural” nick knack’s .A sink made out of huge sea shell gave a feeling of looking at Tarzan’s abode.

DSC01096The roap-bridge was scary and gave more jerks and swings, as more people crossed over it. Kids took all the fun in scaring their parents, by jumping and running around, right in the middle of this bridge. It satisfied our craving for enacting few of movie stunts.

Kids enjoyed boarding the ship of pirates of Caribbean and getting photographed against lovely Elizabeth Swann. A dark cave dug inside huge artificial rocks, with very dim light, provided a means of explorative adventure and made us feel like Indiana Jones for a moment, in search of treasure in a deadly underground passage 

We spent some time at a kids park, on the banks of a river opposite “Big Thunder Mountain” and enjoyed looking at the people creaming out from the pit of their stomach as the abandoned train zoomed them around, the darkest tunnels of the mine, rushing their adrenalin, and finally halting inches away from a broken bride, short of crashing down the river.

DSC01144The Peter Pan ride was a very cute ride for all the Peter Pan fans, boarding a cute plane, taking you through the mysterious land of Peter Pan with twinkling stars, cute villages and tinker bell. The ride is meant for kids, but frankly myself and Sheetal enjoyed it equally along with Maitri.

One of the differences that I could gather in the encounters with the French people here was their friendly nature and smiling face. Compare to “Stiff upper lipped” and “witty” British, French seemed to be easy going and romantic.

The train ride is the no-frills way of getting glimpses of different lands of this magical wonderland and takes you around, halting at each station in Discovery-land, Adventure-land, Fantasyland and Frontier-land. This is also a nice way to relax take a breath and watch people queuing up, huddling, enjoying, giggling and having all kind of fun at their favourite rides.

DSC01201One of the scariest rides was Indiana Jones ride and we had a fast track entry reserved for the same. But then I guess our quota for adventure was over. This was our last adventure in the list, but a sudden announcement of some technical failure in all 3-4 European languages really foiled our plan and we really had to give this a miss. Rest of the crowd was also sad, as they left after waiting for rectification for a while.

It’s really too difficult to get to every corner of this wonderland and get into all the rides that it offers in a day’s time. This does need 2 to 3 days of time. But then we did get a piece of fun from each different section and carried a whole lot of memories that would last for long.

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