The most important ingrediant of life. If you remove it, life is lifeless and if you add it, you can see adundance of life in your life. Passion is not just hobby, passion is not just one activity that you do with all your zest and then get bored to do all other things. Passion is passion for life, love for life, that keeps you upbeat, energetic and postive about everything in and around you.
Passion is taking the resposibility for making your life happy and fruitful. Passion is not getting detered by external factors and not feeling low by petty failures. Its just notion of going on, no matter what, with some vision in mind, with few facts stored deep inside. Accept everything that you can’t change, once you have done that, you are pretty much ready, ready to work on things that you can actually change, influent, work on. Its a way of life and it relects in your attitude. Its a habbit, which will take time, to get installed in your life, but will change, the way you work, the way you look at life, drastically.

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