Perceptions about Network Marketing

Network marketing is an industry having lot of mystery around it. Most of the mystery is attributed to the history of the business. The industry being totally unconventional and to a lot extent radical compared to other traditions ways of making money, makes it difficult for the people to start believing in it quickly. Many a people look at it as some investment scheme as well. Also there are various entities who do not like this industry and it’s success and they spread bad vibe about the industry.

If anybody looks at the way this industry works, it seems so simple. It is more of word of mouth and trust that can drive the whole business and people can achieve phenomenal success in very short span of time. Having said so people achieving this kind of success are not many.

The main challenge in this industry is not the company, not the products, not the geography, not the personal abilities. It’s mainly the perceptions or rather misconceptions of the people and their belief system.

There are huge number of people who would not even consider this as a legitimate business and discard it, without even having a look at, how it works. There are few who would start the business, but would leave it very soon. They would rather work for 30-40 years for somebody else, but would not have patience to work for themselves for 3-4 years and get that freedom.

Most of the time it is the self-doubt that kills enthusiasm of many of the entrants, during their initial stages. Many don’t understand the meaning of the delayed gratification and expect quick bucks as soon as they enter the business. Many don’t even bother to follow the guidelines and try running the show as per their ideas and fail.

There is no winning formula here, but the most important rule is to follow the leaders who have achieved something rather than reinventing the wheel. The rules of the game remain more or less the same and there are more number of resources and video now available to cater to your needs of learning. But that can also get overwhelming. Its better to stick to your organization and the trainings arranged by them.

Over a period of time, with more and more people getting into Network Marketing, the perception is changing. There are few mature companies who have established themselves for more than 10 -20 -50 years and have evolved over a period of time. There are more number of Network Marketing leaders than ever who can vouch for the industry, its legitimacy and power to gain control in life.

The key is
1) Do all the homework when you start and do not make it a ongoing process
2) Be very genuine with your sponsor and share all the inhibitions, doubts with him
3) Submit yourself to the system and walk the path the successful people in your organization, have walked
4) Do not question system, but follow meticulously, you will figure out the reasons during your journey
5) Give ample time for learning to get knowledge and then applying it
6) Be consistent in the activity and keep doing it without worrying a lot about results
7) Push yourself, but also give yourself enough time to turn from caterpillar to a butterfly, coz its not an easy transition
8) Enjoy the journey, tick mark every dream you achieve and build lives in that process

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