Some would say that it’s an expensive hobby and others might limit it to selfies and mobile phone photography. Photography has evolved a lot, right from those 35mm kodak film cameras, where you would never know, until you print, to today’s most advance mirrorless cameras. The digitization was revolutionary and so were the tools.

For me a photograph is an expression. It talks about the way a photographer sees this world. It can be scenic landscape or it might be a colorful bird. It might be an innocent smile or it could be the most tragic incident. Some photos tell stories, while few might be give you goosebumps. They might be inspiring or might take you back into memory lanes and make you nostalgic. Nevertheless, they can express every possible emotion and reveal lot of things.

I got my first Digital SLR camera (Canon T6) few months back and I am kind of in love with it. The quality, the optical zoom and the tools it provides you, makes photography real fun. I am still learning and I have long way to go.

Some photographers specialize in nature and wildlife, while few might be too good at capturing portraits. I have my own inspirations coming from number of amateurs and professionals who keep surprising me with some of their amazing creations. Which not only instills a sense of beauty in you, but also helps you look at this world at different angle.

Kuldeep Chaudhary amazes me with his wildlife, nature and street photography. He is extremely professional and has his own class. He likes improvising on his skills and I love visiting his site He also specializes in black and white photography.

Atish Mhatre ‘s nature photography has fetched him awards from Mahindra and Mahindra’s biodiversity photography contest in the categories Landscape and Wildlife. I love some of his artistic collage work.

Abhishek Prabhu is a traveler and nature lover for sure. I have known him from our Polaris days and he definitely has an eye for photography. I love his landscapes as well as city-scapes and I think he understands the use of natural light too well.

Shirish Prabhudesai is an ardent traveler and along with Abhishek Prabhu he was the one to give me few tips on camera while buying a digital SLR. His knowledge about photography is more than a professional.

Shashikant Patil keeps surprising me with his digital skills and some of his landscape photos are pretty amazing.

I met Niks Churi during VAC treks. He seems to me to me as the most aggressive and obsessive photographer, who never stops. I have always liked his Sunsets and most of his nature photography is wonderful.

Nachiket D Save is the young, enthusiastic and passionate dude. I think he is currently on a long biking tour😊. He helped me a lot when I was shopping for my SLR camera. He is very improvising, understands his camera well, never uses an automatic mode and is very versatile in the kind of photos that he captures. Although he has been known for his nature photography recently he has also got specialized into portraits and pre-wedding photography. Look at some of his awesome work at

Raghav Raj my old Polaris buddy. With a Rajasthani background looks like he seems to understand colours and expressions well. He is not just a photographer, but has amazing sketching skills. He can do justice to wildlife, portraits as well as landscapes equally well.

Met Shekhar Dudeja during YHI’s Chandrakhani trek in year 2000, This Delhiite has also seem to developed his love for wildlife photography recently and I have seen few classy bird pictures coming from his side.

Pritam Patil is my school friend and we grew up in the same neighborhood. I have seen him getting interested in wildlife photography and he seems to have gotten really good at using his zooms. His recent visits to wild life sanctuaries have added a decent collection of birds and animals under his belt.

Star Udyawar is a very professional photographer and I love his portraits. You would be jealous if you see his photography with pretty models and his passion to make them look prettier.

Pankaj Rane seems to be a real nomad. I had a very short duration of his company during my Polaris days. He is a hardcore trekker and a passionate wildlife lover. Wildlife photography needs patience and cool head. This guy seems to have that in abundance. Hats off to his passion and love for nature.

I never met Mayuresh Churi in fact, but his work has been an inspiration for me. He is quite versatile, but I personally love his stunning portraits, be it romantic pre-wedding photography or ceremonial marriage snaps.

I came to know about the biodiversity of Vasai only because of Kaushik Vartak He seems to love nature and specializes in birds.

Soumya Harinarayanan is the only lady I know with a great taste for photography. She loves traveling and I am her fan for her nature, seashores and architectural photography.

Did I miss Nitija Vartak here. Well in that case Soumya Harinarayanan do have a company. Nitija Vartak has her own style and as a niece does make me proud.

The list is endless and I can go on and on. I can’t end the list without mentioning few near and dear ones like Akshay Mhatre, Bhupesh Churi and Devendra Vartak.

Akshay Mhatre is my latest addition to favorites due to his technical approach.Apart from traditional nature and portraits photography,he specializes in food photography, I am pretty sure he has considerable contribution in Neha Patil ‘s food blog .

Bhupesh Churi loves nature and wildlife and does a great job, even in the absence of an expensive zoom lens.

Devendra Vartak is my favorite ceremonial photographer and does fantastic job when it comes to portraits.

Photo Courtesy [Mayuresh]

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