Purpose of life

Everyone in general keeps craving for freedom. Few of them crave for financial freedom, few for responsibilities and few for time freedom. The basic aim for everyone is to be able to do what he or she wants to do and when he wants to do. This might give him sense of satisfaction, fame, fulfil his ambition or satisfy his ego or give peace of mind, whichever is his ultimate goal for his life. But then sadly life as such becomes a cycle of never ending stages, full of responsibilities/duties, constraints, never ending demands and ultimately culminating into a never ending race. The purpose is lost somewhere in the midway and dreams are long forgotten.

Some people realize their potential or ultimate goal in life at a very later stage in life and achieve success quite late, while few have everything quite clear at a very early stage and get there pretty quickly. But there is this whole lot of people who just live their life, rather exist, never trying to understand what they are really looking for, making a living and trying to support their family. Now hard work although is a pretty essential factor, you would find almost everyone in today’s world is putting in some hard work, with very few exceptions. But then is hard work everything, no absolutely not. What matters more is finally what kindles the fire in you. What makes you reach out to the stars and conquer the world?

Sacrifices are part of life, but it should not become a long saga of sacrifices and adjustments. It should not be sad story of nothing is in your control. It should not be a life of complacency and recoiling within your own world and never ever coming out of that shell. Never ever challenging the status quo or never demanding that control over your own life.

If I have to advice somebody, especially, today’s youngsters to help them realize their dreams, I would suggest some of the following things.

1) Money is important and you have to make it a priority in life, although money alone can’t help, once you have sorted out money part, you can start working on your dreams and other aspects of life.

2) One need not run after money (making a living) all his life.

3) Work little harder during initial phase of life and build yourself and your sources of income so that you can free yourself from the ever increasing demands of money in later stage in life.

4) This can be a choice between 10 years of real good hard work and 30-40 years of healthy, smooth and peaceful family life, in contrast to, struggle for making living for the entire life, trying to make both ends meet, somehow catching up with the lifestyle, leave alone things like dreams and ambitions.

5) Time has proved that successful people are not born, talent is not a god’s gift, and it has been created by consistent efforts and crystal clear focus.

6) The earlier you go through all the failures the faster you can reach to your success.

7) The biggest enemy is laziness. Self-doubt, lack of confidence, lack of resources, lack of direction etc etc are by-products of this one vice.

8) There is no nobility in poverty.

9) Remember profits are better than wages.

10) There is no fun in helping somebody build his empire and making him rich, find ways to build your own dreams.

11) Love yourself and have faith that you would fulfil all your dreams.

12) Surround yourself with positive people, people with vision and ideas, people who dream and achieve them.

13) Have multiple sources of income, build assets and create system that works rather than you working for lifetime.

14) Share ideas, do networking, help others achieve their dreams and help them walk along with you

15) Remember the ultimate goal is freedom, to do what you want to do and when you want to do and reaching your ultimate potential and your purpose of life.

16) Having distractions temptations, a feeling that I am not “The Guy” are normal, secret is not to give up

17) Every one of us deserve to live a beautiful life, a life of our dreams

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