Come winter and everyone in US wants to go for skiing. The skiing resorts all across New Jersey, Pennysilvannia and New York are flooded with experts, ameteurs and one timers. Since I had already taken some taste of adventure through white water rafting, I was just eager to put on skis and take a roll over the white snow.
Aditya had arranged everything quite well and since we were a big group, we could  even get some good concession.The trip was cancelled almost twice now, because of the weather problems and I was quite nervous, counting my chances to do skiing before going back to India. But then I was lucky and was to carry this memorable adventure experience to back home !!
Aditya seemed to have good connections and It was so nice to have such a big group for this outing. It added lot of diversity to the experience and at the same time, met so many new faces. Seemed to be a nice fun loving gang.
The resort seems to have propped up out of nowhere and looks like to be a good seasonal business. We get all the necessary equipment like skis to fit your height and weight, ski shoes and the sticks. 
Safety is generally first priority in these resorts and you are instructed quite well before you get onto the actual adventure. Instructors seem to be quite serious about their job and give you the best they can, again offcourse there are good and bad instructors though. 
We had an interesting picnic lunch before going to Skiing. It was proper Indian eeshtyle and we grabbed a corner at the entrance to savour the delightful pullhogara ,poha and halwa and that was so fulfilling.  
Watching those experts zooming down those steep slopes in Bond Movie style was a treat and you can just watch and admire their skill. In fact the proficiency with which kids were doing skiing was worth watching and they seemed to be quite natural in doing that. 
I think the most difficult part in skiing is not balancing or manuvering, you can learn it much easily. Well its stopping at the right time at your will 🙂 Most of us used different techniques like dashing somebody on the way, giving away the balance and just hitting ground, letting yourself dragged to nowhere or just taking a roll at the slope, enjoying a free slide on the snow. I just enjoyed these kodak dashes and free falls more than actual skiing :-))
The cold was never a concern after a while, although I had made sure I wear every damn winter wear that I had. Carrying yourself on that slope with those skis was such good exercise and gave us a feeling that , we have locked our legs into some 100 KG weights and trying to carry those weights all along. In fact, when you get rid of these shoes at the end of the day .. Oh my god  …it gives such a good relief !!!
A conveyer belt came to our rescue, which would just take you to the top, from where you can again get on with your next slide. Although we had a queue out there, happened to be a better option than carrying youself up, sliding, slipping and balancing with those heavy skis.
Mohit tempted us to do little more adventure by going on to a slope meant for more advanced users. Going up was fun as a trolly acorss a rope-way took us up, but the view from top was so scary that I had lost half of my courage there. I dared to take my first slide though, but then came to know that I am not going to stop and so just gave way and allowed for a free slide over the snow.
Finally I decided to carry my skis on my shoulder and just walked down to the beginners area where I could alteast comfortably stop myself using one of the means mentioned above. Overall a memorable and lifetime experience.

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