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Early 1998 – 1999, when I started with my software career, having a mail Id used to be a priviledge.Those working for big sofware giants obviously had their mail ids,but for the outsiders and small time programmers working for tiny software companies hotmail used to be the only option. Hotmail just revolutionaises this web mail concept and we saw lot of player coming in thereafter like yahoo,rediffmail, recent gmail and many more..       

Next revolution in the cyber community was Chat Messengers and this thing took a big toll.People got addicted and there were huge discussions on are these messenger really helping us out or kind of new addiction or roots for cyber crime for the teenagers.

The web community never stops thinking of new ideas and that has its own benefits as well as shortcomings.The shortcoming is the young generation gets so much hooked to the cyber world and why not,its so colorful, beautiful, innovative and interesting. There are people pending daily 8-9 hours in cyber cafes and having very less connection to the real life,leading to certain psyciological problems.So the cyberworld should just assist you and make things convienient and not take over you and your life.

Photo-Sharing is one more feature used extensively on internet and there is huge volume of internet traffic just becuase of this. But its really nice to organize all your photos into albums and sharing them with your loved ones, with just a click of a button.The only problem is having too many options and you ending up subscribing each one of them and then finding it difficult to organize the same.So just stick to one thing and don’t get bogged down by new options coming in, they  will come all the time.

If you want to have your web page hosted on to the internet geocities is a nice option and you will find quite a many beautiful sites hosted on geocities.There has been a concept of storing your files and data on the web for quite a long time and yahoo briefcase is quite popular.So you need not carry your Resume or any other dox all the while,wherever you go.

Now a days voice chats thru’ messengers and voice over ip phones in the cybercafe have proved to be a boon for all those,who work abroad  and want to be in touch with friends and family.Options like Skype have reduced the inernational call chanrges to peanuts.So don’t be worried abt phone charges when you are onsite,use voice chat options like yahoo and Skype and stay connected.

Yahoo groups proved to be popular in terms of staying connected,sharing photos/files,managing events,posting ideas and losts more.Probably,it was the pavement for next generation tools like Blogs and Social networking.Yahoo group community is quite huge community. 

Blogging started with combinging all the innovative ideas like sharing photos,expressing views, maintaining music list,describing your recent picnic and so on.But this happended to be for more serious and sophisticated users. Not very interactive and sometimes even boaring.People wanted someting more interactive, more light-weight and with simple to use interface and there came social networking tools. 

The latest and most innovative addiction on web is social networking tools like namesdatabase,HI5,Orkut,Linked in. The concept is old, just like or, where you keep in touch with old friends.but its much more than that and orkut is the leader amongst all these. Again old wine in new bottle.But they had their own flavours.

HI5 proved to be more jazzy and actually Hi Fi, for those who are always in search of new friends.Names database is simple to use, has messaging,you can see people connected through you and then the entire connections tree. There is a grouping according to your school,college,year of passing etc.Linked In is a business tool especially meant for professionals, who want to maintain professional contacts, get recommendations, manage their business/career profile and an ideal place for HR professional to look for professionals for different opportunities. 

Orkut is quite light-weight tool and very popular.Its being used across the sections,from kids,teenagers to people in their old age everyone can use it.Orkut is the one who introduced the concept of scrapping, which is one form of again messaging, but now a days its very popular.In orkut,again you can maintain various contacts,upload and share photos, maintain your profile,talk about hobbies,likes – dislikes or just talk about yourself.

If you use these tools judiciously and not let them take over your personal life, can prove to be real useful and efficient way to stay connected, be updated, be oragnised and satisfy your flair for expressing ideas.So in orkuts terms Happy scrapping..   🙂

I can’t help but mention about these two sites,as we are taking about internet out here.For information is no site like and google is the world’s ultimate search engine.



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