Taj Attack

The country which can’t protect its citizens and stop terrorist attacks, loses its respect. Israel is a strong example of a country, which values its freedom and takes all measures to protect it. Even ready to go to any extreme. We don’t have to go down to any extreme. But what we demand is safety of an individual.It’s a right of every individual be it a Ameed, a constrution worker, sweating out whole day at a construction site. Be it a Sakhubai, running her home by washing pots and in her neibourhood or be it an innocent Thelewala or Hamal doing his job with utmost sincerety to earn a bread for his family.
Lets set aside this image of a resilient and patient Mumbaikars or Indians so to say. We had it enough. We can’t take it any more. We can’t see our country turning into another afganistan. Its your choice now people, in what environment you want to grow your children. The sacrifices of people like ,Hemand Karkare, are soon forgotten and yes, this has been our history. We soon forget all this and get along with our daily life soon. But those who lose their loved ones, either fighting and saving lives of hundreds of us, or those poor innocent people who are just termed as victims, they know the importance of life and how much it values.
This is never ending my dear fellows and you will be victims again and again, till you get up and say, in fact every inidividual gets up and say , we are not having it any more. You do not have to look at the grim and non-energetic faces of those politicians,who just make those statements, which have become more of a cliches, after all such attacks. Lets do the RIGHT THINGS, ourselves and make our leaders do the same. And you can !!!, thats what democacy is all about, government’s have crumbled and kings have lost kingdomes, when people have revolted. We need rebellions, we need real leader, who believe in starting from the roots, who are positive and who believe in being an Indian, before being anybody else. In 1989,  arround 100 million czechs gathered in Wenceslas square in Prague and the communist government had to step down immediately. 
I was listening to Shobha De’s comments on this whole episode earlier. She says don’t allow these politicians even to come close to any of these attacked sites. Lives of our security personel are more precious than these useless politicians. Our commandos are doing a great job, an example of a well organized and well trained people, motived to attain their objective. We spend millions of rupees, just to protect these politicians. What do they do for us ? I could not agree more with her. Is there any such leader we can look up to? What could be the motivation for our children, if India keeps of generating such, so called leaders.
I would request these politicians to now look at this as a priority issue, probably not because they love this country. But for you to make money through curruptions, for all of you to come to power, for all of you to enjoy the luxuries of being an Indian politician, do you not need a country. Right now the existance of very country is being threatened and can you really afford to think about all those regional, religious and many such petty vote bank related issues. If the country goes into a chaos, whom would you rule and how would you have any government? Here we are at war. This war seems to be more unconventional and cowardly, but its hitting hard and its hitting the very spirit of our urban population.
People, the world is already laughing at us. We have lost our national image, our dignity.Its time of us individuals, who think, we do have a great history, we are from the great nation, where great leaders, warriors and thinkers were born. Many great lives were laid down to get our independence. Can we really afford to let things, take their own course? Can you let some mentally ill organization, sitting in some dark corner of the world, define our destiney. Ask just one questions, what if it was me, or my family be a victim of any such an attack. It won’t be far away, for you to face this kind of horror, which many of the mumbaikars are today going through, if things remain the way they are.
Are we not being threatened? Is it really safe to stay in Indian cities from now on? The western media, is currently calling our security forces to be crippled , while the terrorist are freely moving across the roads. I think our commandos and our security forces are the only people in India , who are doing their job sincerely and even laying their lives. Lets ask ourseves, as an individual. What is that you can do for your country? Lets be united and think ONLY AND ONLY OF YOUR NATION. I am sure you, as an individual, as a resolute citizen of this country, will find some answer to this question. I know , when the limits are stretched the toughest get going. Its now a question of our identity and we can’t afford to lose it. No, not any more !!!
Pursue these politicians, get them to do thier jobs. Pursue till you get your answers. Pursue till they go to the roots. Make sure, every entity, be it a person, organization,country, is brought to justice and punished. Be vigilant and alert about things going arround. But don’t start blaming a community, you will not achieve anything, instead, work hand in hand. Make sure you vote for somebody who not just talks about, but gives importance to safety and security, development of country, economic growth. Who himself is literate and will make an effort to educate every section of society. One who understands the importance of industries and creates apportunities for new enterpreneurs.  One who talkes about creating tier two cities, cities, which can take up load, from metros and flourish as new indutrial and financial hubs.
One, who does not talk about petty regional issues. Has nothing to do with religion. One who is nationalist. One who can take harsh decisions and be firm on his decisions. One who does not show mercy to the enemies of our nation. One who can actually distinguish beween friends and foes of our country.
I know these are too many of expectations. Currently the political scenario is so dark, that its really difficult to find a single person having even few of above mentioned qualities or visions. But then who is going to change all this, why can’t the whole of India boycott elections. Why can’t whole of Indian population, reach out to the election commission. Why can’t we, force them select the issues, rather than they misleading us to the issues of their choice. Why can’t you educate people who are mislead and unclear and get imotional about issues, which are not real issues. Just the political smoke screens created by these selfish politicians to confuse people and get few votes. Again choice is yours be selfish like our selfish politicians and think about you, your job and your family or broaden your mind and take a step further. Do whatever you think is right and contribute, whasoever, you can, for your country. It would count for sure.

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