The Texas State Capitol

Texas state Capitol is one of the most impressive structures right in the middle of Down Town Austin. Very beautifully architect-ed in Italian Renaissance Revival style, this building is quite symbolic to Austin as well as Texas.



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The lush green park right in front of this structure is a wonderful place to relax and admire the architecture. The place can get really touristy during holidays and it’s been a prominent attraction for foreign tourists as well as local educational tours.

The monument below explains importance of Tejanos in the history of Texas. Tejanos were the decedents of Spanish explorers who later settled in Texas. The importance of long horn cows, cotton farming is also depicted here.

During the period 1519 to 1848, All or parts of Texas were claimed by six countries Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas and United States of America and Confederate States of America. Although Confederate States of America was never considered a legitimate country. The terrazzo mosaic depicts the seals of those nations.

Texas has a long history of foreign occupation, bloody wars and fight for power between local and European powers. Much of this history is depicted in this monument.

The lavish and grand interiors extremely beautiful and its open for visitors. Completed in 1988, it contains offices and chambers of the Texas Legislature and office of the Governor.

Texas was populated by native Americans until first conquistadors arrived. There have been continuous efforts by Spaniards to colonize Texas along with French. After Mexico’s independence in 1821, Texas became part of Mexico. But soon in 1835 there was a revolution and Texas became an independent state.

There have been considerable Anglo-American settlements during this period with a major inflow of German and Czech settlers involved in cotton farming and cattle ranching.

In 1845 Texas became part of United States of America and later Confederate States of America for some period. Post-Civil war, all the Confederate States again became part of United States of America.




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