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Unless you are into travel and tourism industry, it’s not quite possible for you to travel to every corner of the world and get a glimpse of every culture. In fact even a person from travel and tourism industry would also have some physical limitations. But then Travel XP has made it possible for me and I am just falling in love with this channel. Its actually a perfect channel for someone like me who want to know a bit of everything about a place right from mode of transport, hot spots, food, culture to the history of the place, traditions, flora and fauna etc.

Earlier I used to watch few serials like “Moosaphir Hoo Yaaro” and “Happy Jouney”. “Moosaphir Hoo Yaaro” hosted by Dipti Bhatnagar on Star Plus was a well designed travel related series and gave a good insight into travelling to all sorts of places, right from Europe to Africa and Asia to America. “Happy Journey” was probably the first Marathi travel series hosted by Milind Gunaji and Mrunal Dev on E TV Marathi and gave a good insight into places like Srilanka, Singapore, Egypt and Malaysia. But then we never had a dedicated channel for travel. Discovery and National geographic filled up that gap to some extent through programs like Globe Trotter, but can’t be called as pure travel channels. Then came TLC (Travel and Living Channel) which was much more travel specific and NDTV Good Times also showcased few good programs.

But then for a Indian Traveler like me, I would say Travel XP HD is a more appropriate channel and guyz I have just fallen in love with this channel. You can indulge in leisurely holidays with “Great World Hotels” or “Great Indian Hotels”, immerse self into nature and its beauty with “Hills And Valleys”, get little religious and enlighten your inner self with visits to some of the most beautiful religious and historic sites in “Heritage” and “Divine Destinations”. If you are foody you would love “Strictly Street”. Some of the “Landmarks” will amaze you with the human capabilities and aspirations to do something extraordinary.

If you like to explore your own country then “Xplore India” will take you to every corner of the country, but don’t restrict yourself to your own country, try different other cultures with “Xplore Jordan”, “Xplore Austria” or “The Nordic Quest”. Some of the other interesting programs are “Lingo Bingo”, “Best From The Rest”, “Tracking Royalty”,”Scrapbook” and “Xp Guide”.

Last weekend I did some surfing at the Hikkaduva beach in Srilanka and savored few sea food delicacies which is part of exquisite Srilankan cuisine. Feeding the huge sea turtles and watching the sea life from a glass bottom boat, were some of the most interesting moments. Amateur sea surfers polish their surfing skills over here and the pristine beach doesn’t just want to let you go. In fact lot of Europeans even spend months together marveling this nature’s beauty.

I did lot of shopping in the Times Square mall in Hong Kong and then tried some of the delicate sushi varieties available there. The spectacular view of the sea line, lined up with skyscrapers, marks the progress made by this tiny fisherman village in last few years. The view of pink dolphins jumping rhythmically seemed like a ballet and watching their spectacular display of these skills was a treat.

I went hiking at Bad Gastein and it was great to see ample people walking on those hiking trails carrying sticks, quite similar to skiing sticks. The atmosphere of this place is said to be the best treatment for those suffering from rheumatic diseases. The valley is lined up with beautiful pine trees and the view of the Gastein lake as seen from the ropeway creates a picture perfect postcard view of the valley. Gastein lake is situated between Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein.Bad Gastein is a spa town and it basks in the alpine mountains on the northern rim of “Hohe Tauerm” national park in Salsburg District. The bread making demonstration in one of the tiny villages here, was quite interesting and gave good picture of the village life here.

The journey by the great Himalayan rail line taking me from Siligudi to Darjeeling reminded me, some of those Hindi film songs shot on the same track. With lot of mist and thick greenery along the valley, this place gets more and more mysterious and no doubt why even Mark Twain found the most amazing day of his life, while riding on this train on the way to Darjeeling. The train journey gives you some of the most scenic views of this queen of the hills, the snow clad mountains of Kanchanjanga and you might rediscover yourself as you become one with this pristine beauty.

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