A short walk of 15 to 20 minutes can create magic for you, especially if your job is to sit in front of the computer the whole day. In Citi I have thoroughly enjoyed this walk almost everyday, which gives a short and healthy break from the routine work.
The drive way from Building D and E to Bulding C is amazingly beautiful and if you are lucky, occasinally you can spot few deers grazing on the lawns or at slopes adjoining to this driveway. I can’t imagine more pictureque location than this as a work place. Citi guyz working here in warren are absolutley lucky. The driveway opens up a beautiful wooden staicase through the slope of the lawns towrds the lake in front of building C.
As you descend the staircase the bequtifully desined lake the two buzzling fountains catches you sight. In fact there few slabs placed quite bequtifully arround the lake for quiely sitting and watching the fountains. While you go arround the lake walking on the walkway lookign at the fish and the yellow lotus flowers, you feel catching up with your inner peace. The thoughts  at such an occasion are always creative, always positive, always constructive, exposing yourself to the great  ideas, allowing you to understand  the potential of your mind and adding lot of energy to your body.
Believe me I have got mosty amazing ideas and inspirations while walking on this walkway looking at the calm water and thick green forest on the other side. This idea can be as small as some programming difficult that I might be facing to writing on some interesting topic or planning a great weekend for myself.

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