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This was probably my longest walk in last few months’ time, since I started staying at Westdale Park. The weather was more like Mumbai with thunderstorms and heavy showers. I just love this kind of weather. What I miss is hot “Vadapav”, “Bhajji” and “Hot Chai”. Walked right up to Valburn Dr and then towards Ladera Norte, continuing downhills on Valburn admiring those cute houses along the mountain edge and also envying those staying there.




These evening walks are my liberating, exhilarating portions of the day, when I feel limitless, free and awesome. Most of my bright ideas have struck me during these walks and then I realize apart from dreaming one of the other things that I really love is walking. I can and would walk limitlessly as long as, I am surrounded by nature and there are those bounties of beauty motivating me at different parts of my walk.





Just like people, one kind of gets connected with places as well, as you stay for some time. I had fallen in love with my surrounding area here. With few of those peaceful walks at green trail having some of the most beautiful houses in this area. The uphill walk around Highland View Dr and Mountainclimb Dr on other side of Murchison middle school. The sports activity at the Murchison middle school. Few encounters with students and locals who would exchange that familiar smile as part of their mannerisms but enlightening my day.





The thick wilderness of Oak trees, the cute houses, lovely front yards and lawns, swings hanging from huge trees and an occasional sight of deer picking their most delicious parts of leaves stretching their necks towards low lying branches of the trees. I just love this part of my day.



The only part I probably not able to accept and absorb yet is lack of those giggles and mischievous running and biking around of kids in those beautiful front yards or housewives hanging around at the front porch. But yeah, it’s a part and parcel of the culture and can vary as per country, states or even region. The only exception was the Halloween when I was lucky to catch that “Treat or Trick” activity of kids, dressed to the occasions as angels and demons and all sorts of fancy cloths and running around in the neighbourhood.


Today Austin @Valburn and Ladera Norte had literally turned into Ooty and some of those misty mountainous views reminded me of Ooty and Shimla (Very famous Hill Stations in India right from British colonial times). But then the difference was, here I was walking down to this Ooty of Austin from my humble abode at Westdale Park and it made me feel wonderful. I felt really lucky. Being so close to this beautiful spot overseeing some of the most soothing landscape.





The view of 360 (N Capital of Texas) Highway in the valley below, the distant mountains or rather hills, The Bull Creek Greenbelt, the curvatures and slopes of the winding roads hiding somewhere in those lush green hills and the cascade of those never ending hills spanning towards the horizon, it was picturesque and romantic. Could have been a backdrop of any romantic song of Hindi Movie !!!

The heavy meal for lunch was now well digested and after that long two hours walk I was again fresh, enlightened and happy to start a new week.  Happy Walking!!!!

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