World Cup 2011

Finally it’s time for rejoicing, celebrating and being happy about being an Indian !!!

These kind of moments come quite rarely but when they do come, there is no limit to your pride and happiness. This pride and happiness is selfless and incomparable. You forget all the tough times you go through, to make your life, in the urban culture. The travelling issues, the promotion issues, the corruption issues and even inflation issues. There can be as many problems as many people in India. But then there is this one game that holds all of them together and makes everyone sing Chak De, Chak De India from the bottom of their heart. When a simple boot-polish guy, having his home as the railway platform get ecstatic and sees the whole world in his hand, when he sees his heroes winning that ultimate “World Cup” for India.

The long 28 years. Sachin’s unfulfilled dream.The internal politics, commercialization, match fixing, somewhere the true magic of cricket had faded and was replaced with cheer girls and frauds in biddings. But then the team proved all that wrong. They had that true love still alive in thier hearts. The fans were not to be disappointed the passion was to live-on.

India has developed as strong team in past few years, reaching few milestones like T20 Championship and being at the top in the test cricket. After we crashed out of 2007 worldcup, this worlcup game for India was a great comeback. Building the confidence under guidance of Gary Kirsten and bridging few gaps.

Batting had always been a strong side for Indian criket, but few of our bowlers proved, that they have the same passion and can act like saviour in the testing times. Nehra bowled well during the semifinal match with Pakistan and so did Munaf Patel. Yuvaraj was a key player in all the wins during this tournament and everyone lived up to thier responsibility.. a true team spirit.

The youngsters proved a point that they are not giving up so easily.After the top guns like Sachin and Sehwag were sent to the pavilion, Gambhir and Virat kept thier cool and gave valuable partnership. Dhoni who had been a great captain, hadn’t done quite well in batting. On the even of 2nd April 2011, he rose to the occasion and acted like a true captain. He not only promoted self in the batting lineup, but played a brilliant inning.

The moment dhoni struck that final six , it made a mark in the history the whole of India rejoiced. There were many tears, hands shakes and hugs, making everyone felt like being at the top of the world.

Its a game cherished and followed by all categories of people in every part of India. People just love cricket here, although there are many sports played here, the way people enjoy cricket is quite unique and phenomenal. We love Sania’s Tennis wins and Syana Nehawal’s badminton triumps, our shooter, weight lifters and even atheletes did quite good in commonwealth and asian games, but the sheer passion that we saw after lifting up the cricket worldcup, the craziness and the celebration after that, just uncomparable.

The huge screens in every building and chouks .. the screens put up in corporate canteens…the Chak de tunes after every single run that we took and the spirited yelling and waving of Indian flag…as if everyone knew this time its ours and we are going to have it.

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