Austin Rodeo Fair

Without any exception like rest of the Texas, Rodeo shows form an integral part of Austin’s culture. Live music is another attraction along with  Rodeo. But if you have kids, the fair ground might be more attractive to you and you might end up spending your entire evening spinning through a giant wheel or enjoying a fun filled Carousel.

There is no end to fun here but kids can get really crazy and you might want to watch your wallet before they get over boarded. There are more than fifty rides here and the vertical wheel can be most exhilarating.Walk down these isles, buying tokens, enjoying local food and you might hear few screams, giggle and cries as well.

Some of these rides would beat gravity and you would feel that sudden rush in the Adrenalin, as you try holding yourself, beating all the fears. The bubbles would start rising from the pit of your stomach and you might find yourself screaming crazily like all the other fellow riders. It tickles all your senses and the feeling is awesome.

The season is over for this year, but stay tuned for next events here.
Here is the address: 9100 Decker Lake Rd, Austin, TX 78724

3 thoughts on “Austin Rodeo Fair

  1. Reena

    Indeed the rodeo is a lot of fun with kids and even otherwise. Thanks for sharing the Events and places to go 🙂 love being in Austin .

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