Austin Spring

Seasons add colours and festivities to life as per region and its history. Spring amongst them is probably most celebrative and fun.

East as well as West gives different importance to them. In east, especially in India we have Vasant – Spring, Grishma – Summer, Varsha – Monsoon, Sharad -Autumn, Hemant -Prewinter and Shishir – Winter. Most of these seasons have been depicted quite well in ancient literature as well.

The festivals and season are deeply connected and many of these seasons become basis of farming activity. Kalidasa the great Sanskrit poet and writer in his Ritusamhara, quite poetically describes these seasons and its effect on lovers. Vasant or Spring amongst these is most coveted of all because of its colourful blossoms, wonderful moderate weather and festivities.

West talks about four seasons as Spring, Summer, Fall (Autumn), Winter. Parts of Europe and America, especially the colder parts with deciduous forests, fall is more colourful. People visit Vermont, Denver and smoky mountains to enjoy fall colours. But even these cold parts have a very colourful spring as well. You might find very popular flowers like Tulips, daffodils and primrose here.

Austin being warm does not exhibit those fall colours but the wild spring flowers of Austin would definitely make you swing with joy. They would put a smile on your face, as they narrate the story of colors and joy. Most Austiner’s would start coming out of their homes and spend time in outdoors either at Austin lake or in Zilkar park.

Spring stands for regeneration, brightness, fun and festive atmosphere. The trees wear new leaves and blossom with colourful flowers. The grey patches along the green mountains start getting green again. A lot of blues, yellows, orange and red are sprinkled along the greenery across parks, highways and lawns. These cute little wild flowers are specialty of Austin.

The blossoms start with Blue bonnets with people visiting parks just to capture their blue beauty. Then comes the wave of Indian Blanket. This yellow flower with red linings take over most part of Austin and funny part is you might not even be required to go places enjoy this blossom, they are almost everywhere. They are followed by Mexican hats and they start popping out to tell you that spring is still on.

Kids would get spring break in Schools to enjoy this spring atmosphere. Austin hosts number of marathons during this season. But kite festivals of Zilkar park is very special, where you get glimpses of kites from all over the world.

Strawberry and blueberry picking is very popular in these days and one would enjoy the scenic ride to marble falls as well. Kids would enjoy the pet animals and a cute little barrel train might give an experience of lifetime for your little one.

This is also the time for Austin Rodeo, the Rodeo fair and enjoy some live music as you savour some of the local dishes.

Happy Spring!!!

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