Sandakphu Trek – Gurdum to Rimbik

Gurdum to Rimbik was another scenic route with lot of leisure. Lunch was at Srikhola (Khola means river in local language). Thick pine forests, Srikhola River springing into action at multiple places, the soothing rhythmic sound of the river, the thick vegetation of fern plants, the satisfaction of having great time and being blessed with best possible weather, there was this happy feeling and also a fear of ending this joyous journey.

Sandakphu Trek – Tumpling to Kaalapokhari

The accommodation at Kaalipokhari did not have that 5 start facility of attached washroom like the one in Tumpling, but the food was fantastic. The family was really hospitable and there was this special performance by the youngest member of the family probably a 10 year old girl, singing beautiful Hindi songs and that was an unadulterated entertainment with natural talent, no rehearsal, just a spot performance, while keeping up with the harsh weather and tough living conditions. The spirit of that girl was appreciable.

Sandakphu Trek – Kadambari to Tumpling

Good schools, vicinity to shopping center, better hospital, all this did not really matter to them, and the thought just kept ringing into my mind that all the hard work, pricy education, great career and lot of wealth, does not replace the peace of mind and serenity that these people here experience every day. Their daily plight for life keeps them strong and the hard work to earn bread…