Out of following five things which makes the most difference in your life
Talent, Hard work, Education, Connections, Attitude

Wouldn’t Attitude and Hard work be the topmost. People having no education, no inbuilt talent and no connections whatsoever, have made it really big in their life. They have acquired success that we always dreamt of, with die-hard attitude and focused efforts.

Question is, What is success?
Isn’t it just becoming somebody who you always wanted to be, being somebody that you always dreamed about. Who better than you can define this?

God has done justice with everyone by giving equal number of hours to everyone. So the people who achieve and the people who do not achieve have the same number of hours. So what really makes difference?

Now its easy to give excuses like, these successful people are born with talent ,few of them are born with lot of wealth or few of them might have godfather to guide. But the fact still remains that there are large number of successful people who did not have any of these things.

Let me ask you this. Which is your biggest enemy?

Don’t you think it’s laziness? What is that one thing that separates passionate people and people who have given up on life?

How would you feel, if you become somebody that you dream of?
For example somebody with attractive personality, with great communication, wonderful attitude, lot of energy and passion, doing exactly what you love doing, making good money and helping people to do the same.

So start visualizing that person that you want to be from today. Start living that life today, be that person and think like that person.

There would be distractions, there would be negative thought, there would be failures, but, hey come ‘on, did all the successful people became successful overnight. They all had to go through the transformation, put that effort to reach their destination.

And if you look at all these people, the simple thing they all did was get into action and these actions have to consistent and focused. Because practice makes man perfect and what other thing can help you achieve this than a strong habit. A habit that is built over a period of time, but becomes like second nature.

So build your habits and you would have built your life. The difficult part is building a habit, but once you have built it, nothing can stop you from getting to your destination.

Start with the most difficult thing. Say talking in front of a group of people. Start with a routine of talking in front of a mirror for half an hour for one month and then present yourself in front of your family. Continue for three more months and present yourself in front of your friends. Do you feel better, are you more confident now. Continue for three more months and speak in front of your colleagues. If you continue doing this for a year, it won’t be difficult to speak in front of an audience of say 200 people. The more you do it the better you would get at it. So the simple solution is build a habit and let the habit built you.

You can apply the same technique for building habits like getting up on time, keeping fit through regular exercise, allocating time to call your contacts and network with people, allocating time for family, a daily ritual of meditation and connecting with self. It need not make your life mechanical, it simply means you do the things which are most important with utmost ease and no second thought, while leaving lot of other time for few ad-hoc things.

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