Hills of Austin



Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? Looks difficult, but it’s not that hard as well. I guess it’s only the mindset, it’s the shift in outlook that matters. Everyday commuting, the myriad things to do, the kids, the office, the daily mundane things fill up most of the day, isn’t it. But imagine you are on your way to the office, you are kind of stuck in traffic, and then there are these surrounding hills, beautiful, greenery that invokes a feeling of beauty and appreciation in you and you shift your angle. It’s that moment that you live in, the moment that makes you forget all the daily chores and appreciate something that you otherwise tend to ignore.

Although little far from my home, my work location on FM 2222 had allowed me to enjoy these views during the morning as well as evening and every time they presented a different view, making me fall in love with those hills.

Highway 360 and FM 2222 are the most scenic roads in Austin. Jester Boulevard connects both of them, taking you up through the hill that separates them and also gives you few spectacular views as you descend on either side. I have failed to capture all the beauty that a naked eye can grasp. But some of these pictures can give you an idea of what I am talking about.

You wouldn’t expect a dense tropical rainforest or tall deciduous pine forest here in Austin, but still, the not so tall evergreen oaks and cedars form an emerald green layer on its hilly terrain. As you drive through some of these roads, they allow you to feel blessed with these soothing sights.

On Highway 360 further down south you would find a bridge called 360 bridge. On both the sides of the highway, we have these mountainous cliffs with strategic points for the Colorado river look out. The view from this point is absolutely stunning. Sitting out there you can get glimpses of downtown at distance and watch peaceful site of Colorado river with the tiny vehicles moving across the giant bridge, considered very symbolic of Austin.




















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