There are only three legal ways to become wealthy.

Number one is if you are born rich.
Number two is if you have some unique talent and
Number three is to increase your time by means of leverage, which is what, all the big business owners do.

Imagine that you are in the business of writing articles for magazines and that you could make $100 for every article you write. If you were to write 2 articles per day, you would earn a gross income of $200 a day before expenses. This is an example of a linear income where you use 100% of your own efforts to create an income. This is what the majority of people do their entire lives.

Now imagine that you owned a article writing referral business where instead of writing articles yourself, you spend your time finding magazines that need articles and employ writers to do the physical work. Let’s say you have got to the point where your business now employs 20 writers that each writes 2 articles per day. You pay each writer $80 per article, but you charge $100, such that you make a profit of $20 per article. 20 writers writing 2 articles each means that you are now writing a total of 40 articles a day, which is a lot more than what you could have done by yourself. Even though now you are only earning $20 a articles in profit yourself, when you add it up, it makes huge difference. Using the power of leverage you are now earning $800 a day (ie $20 per article x 40 articles per day = $800 per day).

So basically you could spend your days finding magazines and writing articles for them yourself (not that there is anything wrong with this) and get paid $200 a day OR you could earn $8000 per day, just finding magazines that need articles. As a smart businessperson which is the smarter option?

Now be very careful here, to get to the stage where you can start to leverage off others you may have to do the physical work first. That is, it might take you a years of writing articles yourself before you have an adequate customer base before you can start to employ writers to do the work for you. But a smart business person is willing to make short-term sacrifices to make long term gains.

Unfortunately in most traditional businesses, like the example above, the only ones who benefit from the work of others are the business owners, even though it is loyal hard-working employees that do most of the work.

People in Robert Kiyosaki’s right quadrant use this amazing concept called as leverage. Have you heard about leverage?

Let me give you another simple example.

How many hours do you have in your day? Isn’t it 24 Hours?
How many hours the owner of your company has in his day? Same, 24 Hours?

If you have 1 Lakh employee in your organization, and each of them gives 10 hours per day, the owner has 10 Lakh hours in his day. Now if you work for even 40 year, you would not have those kind of hours in your entire life. True? So one should not be surprised, if he is getting wealthy day by day.

Let’s define wealth. Ask yourself a question. How much time can you survive if you stop doing what you are doing today? For most of us the answer would be probably a year, few months or may be few weeks.

We follow a routine of go to work and come back home for 30-40 years, while for these people their money goes to work, creates an asset and starts pumping in steady income for them. So what do they do, they leverage on people’s time, skills and sometimes even money.

Now most of these people who are self-made millionaires started with nothing, but then they had a vision and a will to work hard to create a system or a process. These people believe in pipelines or assets. They understand the important of team work or leverage.

Network Marketing is a great way to build an income by leveraging the power of a team. Have you ever heard the saying ‘many hands make light work?’ The most important thing in network marketing is teamwork and teamwork is a direct result of duplication. When you can combine a business model such as network marketing with the power to train your team mates so they can learn to get results fast, you are creating an explosive environment for massive success.

Once you learn how to look for leverage you will see that it’s not a case of working MORE, but a case of using your time wisely, in a way that gives you bigger returns on your efforts. Commit to leveraging your time, energy and effort today and move towards your time and money freedom !!!!

Darshan Vartak


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