Turkey Creek

After a long gap finally happened to join in “Crack of Dawn” with Dave for Turkey Creek, right before Halloween. It’s a no frills trail, which can be finished in no more than two hours and if you are with Dave then he might try to extend it by running into the farthest corners or re-routing some of the portions of the trail.

Unlike most of the trails, this trail allows you to officially unleash your dogs and they can enjoy their freedom of splashing water and running around the Cedar forest. The Trail keeps crossing the creek repeatedly. This park is part of the Emma Long Metropolitan park, quite close to Lake Travis.

With mild climate, wonderful people that I always keep meeting on these trails and beautiful greenery of cedar trees and yellow flowers around, this was a fun day. This park is also a official archery training center and so you would see “Caution” and “Restricted” signs everywhere. Luckily we did not find any amateur archers though 🙂

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