Vadval Food

Although vadval food is quite similar to the Konkani or Malvani food there are few subtle differences. For example although the coconut is an important ingredient, Malvani’s add it a lot more generously and then the tangy taste and the spices are little higher on the Vadval end. The tangy taste in Malvani food is generally attributed to kokkam, while here it is mainly tamarind. Again the local vegetable produce add lot of uniqueness to the vadval food.

Although the Malvan food festivals and "Jaatra’s" are quite common in Mumbai, there are few vadval food festivals in the Vasai-Virar area and one can pick up some of the rare fish pickles (Koleem) and even variety of other chutneys there.  The Vadval food variety does not end at Kombdi vade and Bombil fry and I still  reminisce indulging into those Vaalachi Mutki , Aloocha Phadphada, Monsoon special Shevalaachi Aamti, Aloo vadi and Kobichi Vadi. These things are not everyday dishes and give me a mouthwatering sensation even now, as I write about them.

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