X’mas in Austin

Austin’s homely southern atmosphere seems to be reflected even in it’s Christmas celebrations. Right from the family friendly office party to the beautifully decoratedĀ  neighborhoods, everything was quiet exquisite.

We did not really miss the snow here, as there was so much more to do. There are Christmas trails all around Austin and we did make it for the real big one, the Zilkar park trail. Since they completed their 50 years the celebration was at its best.


The Tall Christmas tree welcomes you at the very beginning. The beautifully decorated trail showcasing some of the favorite character’s from kids tales,the Santa clause , the Christmas creche, the beautiful tiny towns, well it had its own ambience and its a complete family treat. To top it all you could enjoy your favorite food at the food trucks and can have a ride in a giant wheel or a carousel.

But what made me dance and rejoice with twinkle in my eyes was the lighting show at Mozart’s cafe.It’sĀ  15-20 minutes event with couple of beautiful songs paired with a lighting show to please your eyes as well as ears.

The lake side location and scenic evening atmosphere adds to the ambience. As the show gets started, everyone gets glued to this rhythmic illumination, trying to capture its beauty and be part of this celebration.




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